Five Little Ducks _ Next Verse by sadakiyo

*z[]={"","ne ","wo ","hree ","our ","ive "," said\n","s","\n","\"Q","q","little ","duck","The sad m","And all of the five ","s came back.","other ","none of the f","S","ad m","Went out one day\n","Over the hill and far away\n","O","o","T","t","F","f","But ","only "," came back.","uack",", ",".\"\n","M"};char*c=":%+,'(45B0,&)?@*?@*?@*?A<=;$+,'>((:$+,'(45B0,&)?@*?@*?@*?A<=9#+,'>((8#+,'(45B0,&)?@*?@*?@*?A<=9\"+,'>((8\"+,'(45B0,&)?@*?@*?@*?A<=7!+,>((6!+,(45B0,&)?@*?@*?@*?A    <1%+,'>(        (230,(45-0,&)?@*?@*?A.+,/";s;main(e){switch(getchar()+getchar()*16){case 1750:s=34,e=67;break;case 1839:s=179,e=203;break;case 1635:s=0,e=33;break;}for(;s<e;)printf("%s",z[c[s++]-32]);}\x0d

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