Anarchy Golf

This is a golf server. You can enjoy short coding here in several languages (115 languages). The purpose of this server is not serious competition. Joke problems are welcomed and you can speak freely about problems and can release spoilers. For serious competition with ranking, enter Code Golf.

IRC channel for this golf server: #anagol in freenode. Please feel free to join the channel to talk about various things around golf.

Mark Byers kindly prepared a site for this golf server. If you would like to join to add tips, please ask Mark to add you as a collaborator (supposedly, in IRC?).

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caddy, a testing/squeezing/submission helper tool for golfers


Source code.

Contact: shinichiro.hamaji _at_ . If you found some bugs or you have some requests (fix problem you submitted, add language XXX, and etc.), please email me.

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