Greeting Animals by

import sys;z='nakamaga popopopo-n'\x0d
def main():\x0d
  for x in sys.stdin:\x0d
    if y=='konn':print x+'n'\x0d
    if y=='arig':print x+'sagi'\x0d
    if y=='konb':print x+'ni'\x0d
    if y=='sayo':print x[:4]+'naraion'\x0d
    if y=='maho':print 'tanoshii '+z\x0d
    if y=='ohay':print x+'nagi'\x0d
    if y=='itad':print x[:-2]+'usu'\x0d
    if y=='itte':print x+'kanku'\x0d
    if y=='tada':print x+'nbou'\x0d
    if y=='goch':print x+'usu'\x0d
    if y=='oyas':print x\x0d
    if y=='sute':print 'yukaina '+z\x0d

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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