If youre happy and you know it by darrenks

w\xe6\xe1i\xb8!yo\xf5\x87$\x96`\xa7\x80\x00H(\x83w\xb1I4+\xb3\x87H\xb9\xc1;\x8bP\xf1\xf1Y\x8d\xfc\xc4\xf3"\xd4\x1e\x1eT\xc34E\x8f \x01,\xa7\xcd\x00\x92\x0e\x9e\x16\xab\x15\xc7\xb6\xc3I\xe1

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


::`:;^ 49\*" you" %:"If\n'" `D -33"\n" $::< 33$@";" $ 1e943c0b7c51ba01e9e62966dc7ac21662f854433c45e1e14d223f4ccfd8951f1f65b8b31c9b8478

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