Knight Move by Vlo

cat(sample(c("c6 e6 f5 f3 e2 c2 b3 b5","b7 c6 c4 b3\ng3 f2","c7 b6\ne8 g8 h7 h5 g4 e4 d5 d7\na4 c4 d3 d1\nf7 h7 h3 f3 e4 e6\nc4 e4 f3 f1 b1 b3\nd3 f3 g2 c2\ng5 g1 f2 f4\ne8 e6 d5 b5 a6 a8"),1))

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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