Old MacDonald by chocobi

class P{static void Main(){string s="Old MacDonald had a farm",t=", E-I-E-I-O.\n";for(int i=0,j;i<4;++i)for(j=i;j>=0;--j)System.Console.Write((i>j?"A":s+t+"And on his farm he had a "+"cow sheep duck pig".Split()[i]+t+"With a")+"12-2 here, and a12-2 there.\nHere a12, there a12, everywhere a12-2.\n".Replace("1",j>2?"n ":" ").Replace("2","moo baa quack oink".Split()[j])+(j<1?s+t+"\n":""));}}

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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