The Golden Ratio by yshl

(1.6)print[/m 10000000/r[400 72{0}repeat]/s[22 72{0}repeat]/b{/x 0 def[exch{x
add dup m mod exch m idiv/x exch def}forall]}/*{/c exch def[exch{c
mul}forall]}>>begin 498{9 -1 0{/n exch def s 10 * dup 0 2 copy get n add put n
* b 72 -1 -1{/i exch def i 0 lt{true}{dup i get r i get 2 copy ne{le exit}if
pop pop}ifelse}for{exit}if pop}for n =only[exch 0 1 72{/i exch def dup i get r
i get exch sub dup 0 lt{r i 1 add 2 copy get 1 sub put m add}if exch}for
pop]100 * b/r exch def/s s 10 * dup 0 2 copy get 2 n mul add put b def}bind

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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