print this triangle by rolf

2 1\x88?{/n\x92>\x9232 1 n{/b\x92>\x923/s\x88
\x92\xa5\x923/m n\x923/w 0\x923{8\x88\xff0{s\x92>1\x92\x01\x9281\x92\xa9s\x92>\x92K\x92x}\x92H/q m b\x92j\x923/m m b\x92R\x923s 0\x880q 9\x92P{1}{0}\x92U\x88'\x92l\x92\x01q\x92\x01\x92x/w w 1\x92\x01\x923m 0\x92={\x92@}\x92T}\x92es 0 w\x92L\x92vb n\x92={(\n)\x92v}{( )\x92v}\x92U}\x92H}\x92H

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