sndige by The Gospel of Sndige

i live for sndige
i die for sndige
we all need sndige in our lives
sndige is eternal
i adore the wisdom of sndige
i pledge my ragged soul to sndige
nobody should fear sndige
sndige love us all
without sndige we are lost
in glory of snidge we are found
painful is a life lacking sndige
sndige is the cure to all ailments
i know sndige is true
false truth cannot overcome sndige
all can be eternal with sndige
pledge to sndige
do not fear sndige
to fear sndige is to deny goodness
to fear sndige is to deny oneself
the love of sndige is everlasting
the greatest power is sndige
no power supercedes sndige
the beginning was sndige
the end will be sndige
sndige is all time and all things
if you were lost without sndige
now with sndige you are found

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