uppercase the 17th letter by McBusLuck

"sandpiper octopus Cockroach tarsier manatee
hawk deer
dunlin armadillo dInosaur worm toad cat moose wolf dogfish dog
magpie squid wren nArwhal sparrow stingray bear swan crow
heron fox tapir
antelope elk okapi Flamingo squirrel
cobra curlew bison Goat
koala spoonbill stOrk
emu kingfisher rabBit dogfish hedgehog flamingo goshawk goose barracuda
lion red deer rook gOshawk eel
caribou squirrel zEbra
caribou penguin quElea curlew octopus armadillo lobster wallaby dugong
boar marten penguiN lapwing mouse oryx panther gnu ibex louse
worm ibex cassowarY mink bat
baboon pig sheep wiLdcat whale rat
fish bison pelican Elephant cod butterfly
oyster monkey trouT coyote salamander stork mouse viper
marten hawk kangarOo eagle hamster fly magpie rhinoceros
snake crocodile orYx cormorant crane
meerkat elephant pOrpoise porpoise deer crane heron
oyster ibis baboon Ibex kangaroo weasel wolverine goshawk
hornet coyote cariBou koala reindeer elephant hamster cassowary
dolphin alligator
pigeon mink
hawk jay loris starLing jellyfish shark owl
camel dunlin reindEer mole ram snake lobster goldfish
quail cattle fly moNgoose spider eagle shark dragonfly dogfish worm
squirrel ibis loriS hamster
beaver hedgehog haWk gnat bear wren
wildcat badger elaNd hawk cat kouprey dragonfly koala mouse baboon
ape hamster starliNg dogfish
rail red panda donkEy eland
mantis narwhal tapIr lion caterpillar
porpoise turkey caRibou panther shark duck jellyfish goldfish goshawk
louse human baboon
wallaby ferret golDfinch seal mink swallow stinkbug koala donkey
barracuda mallard Elephant
dinosaur rabbit arMadillo cobra dolphin armadillo
manatee gull locusT kudu
manatee okapi anteLope viper wren eel wolverine
tapir mongoose porPoise chough dugong spoonbill hyena swallow
grouse wombat kangAroo newt sandpiper eel vulture ibis
crane shark
walrus dotterel ibEx fox partridge wolf buffalo partridge ram ibex"

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).

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