Baby Shark Song by darrenks

\xc8\x82t's\x98\x8e\x8b\x80\x009/\x812\xea.7\x87r\xac\xe1\xe2\x16F\xfe\xf2\x8e\x1cv|\xe3\x120*\x10q\x1b\x89\x8e\xd6\xb4\xb6}\xed\x89V#h\xb7\xc4a\x88\xcfC\x99E\x12\x07\x13'HW\xe3UQ\x81\xc2Kk\x165G\x0c\x9bw\xd3\xda\xa4m \xcb\xdcL

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


.%*"t's " %*`(%\`D -26"x" $"j" "c" :*::"," ^ 6" doo" "\n" ^ 4:;:`)`($$~"!"  c4cdbc62d04aad3d77b9c6745301b0b42c1815553e758472317621549934fc88104c7b80320598ded70b4b0de898b1176

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