flower by Hex

using C = System.Console;class H{static void Main(){C.WriteLine("         ;M\";::;;\n        ,':;: \"\"'.\n       ,M;. ;MM;;M:\n       ;MMM::MMMMM\n      ;MMMMM MMMMMM\n      MMMMM::MMMMMM:\n      :MM:',;MMMMMM'\n      ':: 'MMMMMMM:\n        '; :MMMMM\"\n           ''\"\"\"'\n            .\n            M\n            M\n.           M           .\n'M..        M        ,;M'\n 'MM;.      M       ;MM:\n  :MMM.     M      ;MM:\n  'MMM;     M     :MMM:\n   MMMM.    M     MMMM:\n  :MMMM:    M     MMMM:\n  :MMMM:    M    :MMMM:\n  :MMMMM    M    ;MMMM:\n  'MMMMM;   M   ,MMMMM:\n   :MMMMM.  M   ;MMMMM'\n    :MMMM;  M  :MMMMM\"\n     'MMMM  M  :MMMM\"\n      ':MM  M ,MMM:'\n        \"\": M :\"\"'");}}

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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