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The con-con editor is a text editor that can only work if you run conconscipt in conconconsole(like the command mode in VI). (BTW con-con is the abbreviation for console-control.)
It has many commands, listed below:

open file
Open the file named "file".
Response: File 'file' ready

new file
Create a file named "file".
Response: New file 'file' created

sas file
Save the current editing file as "file". Response: 'pastfile' saved as 'newfile'

Quit the editor.
Response: Thank you for using the con-con editor
Also, input stops with it.

Save the current file.
Response: 'file' saved

clin 0 string
Change line 0 into string.
Response: Line 0 changed into 'string'

Other unrecgonized command
Response: Unknown command for 'Other unrecgonized command'

Unrecgonized parameters
Response: Illegal parameters for 'Unrecgonized parameters'

Input conconscript code, output response.


rejudge feature is enabled

now post-mortem time, all source codes will be revealed

Sample input:_

new yes.wart
clin 1 Yes! Finally you got a wart on your face!!!
new asdfasdf adsfasdf

Sample output:

New file 'yes.wart' created
Line 1 changed into 'Yes! Finally you got a wart on your face!!!'
'yes.wart' saved
Illegal parameters for 'new asdfasdf adsfasdf'
Thank you for using the con-con editor

Sample input:_

open yes.wart
Unknown command

Sample output:

File 'yes.wart' ready
'yes.wart' saved as ''
Unknown command for 'Unknown command'
Thank you for using the con-con editor


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