Twelve Days of Christmas by *yuko*

print'(a)',("On the "//trim("first secondthird fourthfifth sixth seven eigh  nin   ten   eleventwelf "(i*6-5:i*6))//"th day of Chri&
stmas,"(3-i/7*2:),"my true love sent to me",(trim("Two turtle doves,  Three French hens, Four calling birds,Five golden rings, Six &
geese a-lay    Seven swans a-swimmEight maids a-milk Nine ladies danc   Ten lords a-leap   Eleven pipers pip  Twelve drummers drumm&
"(j*19-75:j*19-57+j/14*2))//"ing,"(:j/8*4),j=i+2,4,-1),"And a"(:5-1/i*4)//" partridge in a pear tree"//char(46-i/12*13),"",i=1,12)

Note that non-ascii characters in the above source code will be escaped (such as \x9f).


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