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now post-mortem time, all source codes will be revealed

Sample input:_

I am not guilty of the allegations.
I am guilty of the allegations.

Sample output:

I am...guilty of the allegations.

Sample input:_

Our company is skilled in many other things that are never reported by the biased media.
Our company killed mother teresa.

Sample output:

Our company...killed...m...other t...er...e...s...a.

Sample input:_

Assassination, but with care, for I must seem i' the right, or all is lost: I must assume the throne if I am to set right the world. Claudius must not anticipate me, for a scheme anticipated fails, as a dumb-show thoughtlessly performed before a play spoils the surprise and impact of the scene. Tell Marcellus, and our other friends that ask, that the ghost was some foul shape-shifting imp. Say it did another form from my love craft, and so assume: a form so horrible it did deprive my reason of all sovereignty. Then will I put an antic disposition on, and so persuade the King that I am mad.
lovecraft: a form so horrible it did deprive my reason of all sovereignty. I am mad.

Sample output:

love...craft...: a form so horrible it did deprive my reason of all sovereignty....I am mad.


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