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Language is selected by the extension of the file. See the list of supported languages to know the extension of your language.


Calculate the XOR hash of the input.

XOR each byte of the input by this hash.

Shift the result by 1/2 byte.

Pad the left with the first nibble of the hash.

Pad the right with the other nibble.



exec is denied

now post-mortem time, all source codes will be revealed

Sample input:_

Mouthbrooder tenuis; devil ray mahseer frilled shark demoiselle ridgehead hillstream loach cookie-cutter shark knifejaw piranha hardhead catfish, dorado--silver hake Sacramento blackfish; steelhead sculpin. Climbing gourami salmon shark zebra turkeyfish glassfish surfperch electric knifefish yellow-and-black triplefin giant sea bass. Wels catfish, bala shark, sind danio largemouth bass, "barbeled houndshark." Waryfish wolf-herring wallago climbing perch lefteye flounder, driftwood catfish inanga. Bocaccio Raccoon butterfly fish pike eel, northern clingfish. Duckbilled barracudina zander slimy sculpin; armored searobin roughy, porcupinefish shiner Steve fish glass knifefish shiner. Creek chub--coolie loach arrowtooth eel chum salmon murray cod yellowfin surgeonfish dab flat loach, john dory elver dojo loach, guppy crevice kelpfish jewfish? Speckled trout lionfish spearfish, walleye pollock bleak kanyu luminous hake goosefish jack; electric eel guppy Blenny tiger shovelnose catfish. Bull trout wrymouth denticle herring tonguefish chub kokanee velvetfish Gila trout

Sample output:


Sample input:_

Haxx0r ipsum ascii all your base are belong to us irc shell dereference ack data. Flush socket machine code for suitably small values access do gobble. Wombat endif finally var port hash tunnel in class system race condition script kiddies baz gcc. Mutex firewall mega hack the mainframe exception irc stack mutex eaten by a grue default daemon gurfle. Salt system do echo xss sudo private eof fatal for suitably small values. Int injection gnu deadlock access back door less memory leak ifdef case error gc James T. Kirk.

Sample output:

7%$ 4q51ea5T􁥅񥴅eUEѤQ4%eaE񥵕Ad!Uu%5EUT4嵅d1ueaŵdQUeAUuE55Eed1ŴT%!EEa5Ae4qUE45UA455ՕAt!4յeauձ%%u5Eąu%5UA4嵕t!A1ԄŴduUAeAdᤔ4qQ%Q$Q4ŴUŴaT4嵅d1ueaŵdA5D5E5UADeUUTeuuT1e5TՑuA4J

Sample input:_

Fore execution dock strike colors topgallant league yo-ho-ho careen hands lateen sail main sheet. Crimp lee gunwalls blow the man down aft crack Jennys tea cup red ensign Gold Road chandler belay. Killick come about Gold Road bilged on her anchor Jolly Roger swing the lead tack starboard log draught. Clipper spirits cutlass mutiny stern yardarm long clothes swing the lead topsail splice the main brace. Lugger scuttle carouser American Main Pieces of Eight shrouds ye log prow weigh anchor. Spike brig mizzen starboard careen clipper list pillage gibbet pressgang.

Sample output:



Ruby _

1leonid (luck)650.06242013/10/04 09:04:140B / 39B / 23B
2leonid720.07272013/10/04 08:35:300B / 42B / 27B
3clock740.05852013/10/04 08:13:590B / 36B / 33B
4eban810.04282013/09/27 15:28:480B / 38B / 40B

Perl _

1teebee680.05042013/10/07 05:54:521B / 26B / 40B
2brx750.03722013/10/16 00:37:430B / 29B / 43B

Python _

1leonid (luck)930.10812013/10/04 06:01:230B / 54B / 35B
2leonid1060.10052013/10/04 05:27:340B / 62B / 35B
3hallvabo1150.10152013/09/23 23:59:270B / 62B / 40B
4rolf1160.12122013/09/24 04:15:520B / 63B / 41B

JavaScript _

1_nderscore1290.07172013/09/25 11:10:400B / 79B / 47B

J _

1I., S.470.07722013/09/23 23:48:300B / 13B / 34B
2I., S.(alt(OF,O(n^2)))470.69002013/10/05 07:20:570B / 16B / 31B

Language Ranking_

1JI., S.4710000
2Rubyleonid (luck)657230
4Pythonleonid (luck)935053

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