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Language is selected by the extension of the file. See the list of supported languages to know the extension of your language.


Edges of an undirected graph

Two groups with minimum and maximum amount of members in the graph respectively
Sort node names by ASCII code
Where groups are defined that
+ There exists a path between any two nodes in a group
+ There exists NO path between nodes in the group and nodes outside the group


exec is denied

rejudge feature is enabled

now post-mortem time, all source codes will be revealed

Sample input:_

}-= S-l `-0 6-@ M-~ 6-8 B-D 6-I .-a C-G @-l H-8 6-H I-m o-M 6-l @-I l-8 8-W W-H S-Z D-1 l-m I-l 8-I Z-I a-B B-1 @-H j-M W-@ W-I C-> 6-S 8-@ I-S }-U Z-H B-. `-= 1-a 0-T 8-Z U-T 8-S H-S 6-W W-l @-Z o-~ H-I 1-. G-U 6-m T-G o-j Z-l l-H Z-6 T-C =-T =-G
L-B k-= F-\ 8-C {-1 7-L G-D N-u Q-y C-[ y-D [-8 4-o G-> [-] G-Q \-7 q-1 C-A S-A 8-] ]-S C-] z-1 S-8 ^-Q G-s G-^ D-s B-{ 7-{ u-4 ^-y 8-/ K-Q >-s q-z S-/ [-A ^-s /-A >-^ >-Q K-D H-u <-h D-^ Q-s G-K L-q 1-2 <-k y-G H-o 1-B 4-H q-\ S-C 1-L
{-L m-[ :-P N-5 m-6 \-P N-{ 5-\ w-I O-m P-_ w-m 5-: N-_ L-5 P-L P-5 L-\ L-_ N-P O-] m-p _-5 _-: L-: m-o {-: N-L w-[ _-{
M-B M-= w-c U-q Q-3 r-X d-M c-q F-] 9-k =-d 9-. U-d 5-S S-9 j-c c-M B-q |-J 0-| R-j J-/ D-S g-v w-d /-3 Z-x n-V ~-} A-6 X-I <-g c-R ~-D 9-~ =-q j-U q-R w-= Q-/ D-9 K-? X-2 ~-_ w-U D-} b-e B-R |-Q W-Q q-d ?-2 B-= _-D 0-/ Z-C W-/ .-k S-} >-e 9-_ r-2 D-. I-? S-. k-_ 3-0 =-R b-Z }-. .-5 }-9 C-e I-r W-| D-5 d-j R-M B-w J-0 B-d <-6 k-} 2-K ~-k g-A }-5 K-I r-K j-B x-e 0-W 6-v j-= w-M 5-~ R-w S-_ F-C F-e Q-0 }-_ c-=
?-x [-H Q-f n-G r-| K-z r-X g-. ?-u E-B 7-u K-w y-g g-P K-i l-z 6-B I-O X-O O-r 6-. K-l E-P E-g 1-D I-Y j-L M-3 _-= x-7 z-w n-R =-l E-y f-\ 6-g 6-E Y-O H-S O-| Q-\ f-L 6-y J-s .-P g-B s-[ E-. 6-P R-G x-p 0-l b-w 3-L 3-f 8-. a-M i-z 7-p Z-3 w-C J-N 2-S y-. ?-p L-a
{-M S-_ f-r N-h L-f 3-r 2-\ `-C S-r ^-k {-; h-a 3-L _-r h-c @-[ \-m ^-X h-[ T-4 `-M ?-k L-_ P-X 8-C c-@ 4-^ {-C 8-m L-r ]-{ N-e P-s N-a [-e {-\ <-^
0-~ l-o S-~ 3-9 ~-h w-z a-T h-0 2-o v-h ~-: 0-v 0-: 9-; 3-; v-l E-9 q-1 E-; 1-f f-g 8-a ]-m l-2 ~-o ;-C 0-l Q-| 8-T o-v B-m |-w 0-o 0-2 l-h S-2 ]-1 S-o E-C 2-h S-l 9-C l-: v-~ h-o :-2 v-S
/-Q i-y M-r N-U i-: A-F 5-/ F-s :-H =-p 5-Q >-/ p-@ r-A H-i 3-: F-T 7-9 Q-e p-I H-3 >-l T-M W-F 7-W A-7
_-A K-r j-6 6-; r-U _-4 U-A _-K K-e K-4 K-U A-e r-s r-A r-_ e-4 s-U A-s U-_ s-K 9-O
P-^ ]-v L-: G-: `-y y-Q :-o w-` H-W j-O S-r y-w L-w <-o N-> :-` K-> `-< t-[ L-Q U-M w-: g-W D-8 >-} P-a 8-H N-z C-q z-K c-t t-; 1-S L-o \-v p-\ s-8 .-C y-G ;-O G-w ~-[ z-} y-L ~-j 8-u `-G 7-5 B-q x-. y-< N-} O-c j-; y-: K-N .-7 ]-p :-Q L-G 6-t <-Q [-j }-K `-Q Q-w S-s L-` w-o 1-H B-7 J-i y-o g-D \-J
3-> _-9 _-R ]-y 3-y _-X y-; Z-G 8-_ >-l R-Z l-y G-9 e-f l-; >-y ]-; 9-8 8-Z 3-; G-_ s-{ _-Z e-X _-e >-] >-; f-R Z-9 9-R Z-X e-8 9-f 8-R 9-X 3-]
M-A <-x 5-f 5-/ 5-D F-5 [-/ g-/ s-L y-V c-U j-/ .-7 x-. [-5 f-H f-F H-D /-D U-n X-_ F-H .-~ ~-; E-c E-n G-7 j-D D-F Q-x .-Q j-[ M-9 x-7 _-z C-c _-e Q-< C-n f-j G-~ <-; f-[ ~-Q H-g ~-7 g-[ x-; Q-7 H-5 <-. f-/ L-o 5-g U-S Y-M E-U 4-o D-f /-H i-L 5-j ;-7 j-g G-Q >-c E-> g-F w-_ 0-` t-V S-> D-[ G-; .-G F-[ y-t H-j q-L
4-G }-I {-k [-3 <-Z /-3 /-4 x-i M-i 4-i 4-x |-G 9-? G-x O-n G-M q-G /-M <-9 Z-b |-M i-q 6-{ O-b |-3 4-[ /-[ ?-Z q-3 x-M i-3 4-3 [-i ?-n y-h {-_ M-[ M-3 4-q q-M G-i x-| O-< Z-O {-} b-9 N-y q-x |-i x-/ [-G N-L h-c }-k n-b |-q 9-n G-/ 4-M ?-b
a-w \-i J-K `-i j-m K-` {-Z w-d f-F }-O a-h }-W P-K >-d P-F J-i i-K f-` 5-m f-\ `-J n-O K-q q-P E-> F-` Z-O `-P P-\ i-F >-V q-J J-P m-U i-f F-K E-h
c-m \-Q 9-I j-Q n-D d-n \-9 9-x I-\ x-m 9-Q h-D 9-c Z-\
<-1 Q-q f-a f-{ ~-j >-Z >-T q-= 5-q Z-n }-6 1-Z 6-w q-t 5-p A-5 6-d d-} }-F f-/ =-U n-1 <-T @-: d-@ A-= t-j ~-= =-5 =-j E-w A-j U-j @-w T-n <-> }-K Z-T T-1 K-: F-@
b-K U-{ K-H X-R h-v h-Y H-N x-t _-p D-K t-H `-b b-H p-~ s-g D-x K-` c-: F-z `-H v-a v-A P-} b-N a-O x-` R-F U-= E-Q N-t a-E {-= g-p t-K X-F ^-6 z-@ {-P T-E 1-^ x-b F-@ `-N X-@ :-g .-{ M-E D-` z-X
f-v d-v {-q |-x v-F {-F ]-_ v-N x-} f-N {-f F-d {-N b-] q-f ]-A v-q ]-| b-| d-f 3-u F-f ]-O
J-N d-M s-5 ?-n .-D q-X K-U B-q u-v i-M <-p a-; i-/ ]-b r-M S-W U-p Z-h m-N e-1 d-/ a-< 5-2 1-D Z-r B-F d-n m-> Z-/ ]-a J-m U-] p-b D-C k-G b-; ?-/ p-K e-0 X-F /-h J-R D-{ ]-K r-d ?-M |-m ~-p U-a P-G U-~ b-a N-R ;-U ;-< r-/ ?-Z <-K p-; J-| <-\ q-^ N-> i-d i-h i-? |-R a-\ Z-i <-] M-/ ~-a ^-u <-b ;-\ ;-K n-i ]-~ \-b 8-W h-r M-Z K-b d-Z I-S Y-B ^-v d-h M-n ]-; e-. a-p |-N H-k ~-; <-~ F-^ I-Q r-? ~-K ^-Y
?-D O-X q-g k-? V-d w-` 4-H ;-z z-g k-~ :-y g-> s-; `-X q-> S-_ H-x ?-] :-A M-g z-q ?-~ 4-Y x-R S-h H-R >-J s-M ]-w ;-J `-? O-k R-Y q-s Y-x 4-x 0-y M-> g-s 4-R J-g z-> s-J H-Y M-J l-y ;-q O-] O-? K-y
a-x @-> J-] g-v @-J a-g 1-Q H-X ]-r @-1 c-5 ]-| >-J j-T a-X J-_ _-] 5-a T-c >-1 x-v _-| j-X r-> g-j r-@ J-| X-x x-H c-v Q-] j-5 |-> j-a 5-H v-T Q-r r-J Q-@ c-g |-@ _-@ X-c >-] a-c a-v c-x H-v ]-@ ]-1 a-H c-H T-X 1-_
Q-e y-U .-{ d-D \-V L-y T-[ Q-P ?-z T-g B-. P-e {-Q z-[ R-D }-y |-] 8-X \-u 4-i B-{ 4-Q h-4 O-R 4-. B-h h-i [-0 P-B R-f Q-B i-e .-e i-Q P-{ h-P B-i u-H 4-B R-^ V-p V-Z 8-a T-0 e-B z-] R-< i-.
p-f _-{ <-= D-7 a-m ?-P N-< 6-t }-{ Z-m R-i {-| K-q R-Z _-D T-8 O-f {-; P-a f-3 =-K [-{ O-p L-j p-3 a-? }-_ :-; m-R A-0 O-S S-3 _-7 6-0 m-P P-i g-8 d-q /-7 7-} J-R
h-5 L-0 G-5 G-4 @-5 4-@ @-h y-5 H-L C-A H-A H-} h-G f-A y-G @-y ;-C ;-}
Z-D F-B F-Z 4-F z-r z-p b-]
.-= [-/ 2-H t-c j-. 6-s /-O {-6 6-R =-t |-7 2-v s-K E-c o-m G-i 7-K ]-2 @-2 s-{ j-E a-J V-v j-c ~-/ 6-K [-O y-t E-1 c-. 2-V G-] 6-7 R-s K-{ j-t G-2 j-1 K-| Y-i .-E E-y E-t @-v 1-. 6-| R-{ v-i J-\ H-V 7-s =-c @-] H-@ O-~ j-y i-V t-. =-E [-~ 7-R =-y 1-= V-G
0-t =-r e-9 j-M A-w `-k j-r =-} R-X >-X E-A 5-2 }-@ :-. W-7 .-d 3-G e-w .-K K-o }-M ]-G v-A 2-G j-} 2-] \-X =-j v-9 b-z F-; \-R A-z @-M W-q 7-n }-r K-Q 5-3 z-9 =-M E-v x-. 5-] @-r U-` ;-y w-a _-X 0-; K-N ]-3 ?-e [-t [-y 0-l r-M Y-F x-N C-x H-X q-n @-= ?-b X-| Y-l 2-3
f-u >-Z K-u t-f K-Z H-: t-> u-: K-t h-K u-t L-k u-C f-h t-h >-C f-C K-H h-H C-t K-C h-: H-Z >-H >-f Z-h Z-C C-H
6-J /-7 2-i `-m z-h K-r W-? U-= @-L I-@ h-` z-@ 9-: m-I `-f p-q 1-c f-L z-L m-L o-7 <-t h-l r-9 l-L i-E {-j 7-G z-m 2-p I-h m-l a-R =-X 3-~ b-3 ~-< V-? R-u r-: f-m I-z o-r l-z 7-K E-n @-l I-` j-n o-G m-@ h-@ X-J G-K H-< 9-o D-n 9-/ h-f U-6 G-: r-G c-[ D-E w-p q-D 7-r Y-u 1-u 2-n `-L /-o w-{ /-K r-/ t-b V-W f-@ `-@ h-m l-`
e-W g-4 J-g j-Y x-4 j-= 4-u g-z 4-b Q-F C-u A-g A-x =-Y u-z i-= j-i e-o ;-= Q-o R-F N-e A-J N-Q Y-; `-F e-R
K-b J-1 L-a ~-9 ]-M 1-K ]-z ]-~ N-L H-a 5-M z-~ 1-b /-F N-a 9-M 9-f 5-6 b-F g-K Q-a
L-e h-H S-@ X-h R-; u-a |-} c-; X-S O-2 Y-. z-f o-G _-X d-> 2-< u-G :-O 7-? a-2 I-Z o-O @-T @-X T-H Q-s }-Y H-@ :-o Y-J u-o h-_ o-2 P-T q-o h-T <-G q-2 O-u O-q H-X P-_ q-a _-H |-J @-h P-H G-O S-h O-< |-= ;-> =-} <-o Y-| =-J :-q 8-m |-. s-] 7-f S-H S-T u-: J-. 2-u ]-m a-o .-= >-~ 0-L p-~ R-~ P-X S-P
Y-c ~-Y |-h @-N 6-j M-T q-T 1-x v-V V-: ]-: <-| v-{ V-l E-| {-~ Q-6 ]-{ x-w ~-l d-R o-U u-@ U-p S-w p-y 1-r i-U p-3 @-e Q-8 /-l u-| |-m `-1 W-i L-M i-3 q-O w-1
?-U }-a Q-a >-L Z-Q T-i Z-2 k-U m-Y 8-L 7-i S-L b-S ^-Q U-H Y-I I-m H-k m-| >-S ^-w w-a 8-7 U-| 2-a S-T E-a F-Q ?-k T-5 >-5 I-k E-^ U-m 7-L 2-^ S-i ^-Z 8-> U-Y E-} ]-1 H-? w-E k-| L-5 2-j ?-Y T-7 ^-j Z-E b-i 8-b Z-w E-j Q-w 2-} }-^ E-F Q-2 a-Z j-F 7-S 5-S L-T 7-> j-w ?-| I-? 2-F a-j 7-5 j-Q }-F b-5 I-U 7-b 8-S 5-8 T-8 k-Y I-H Z-F v-1 H-Y F-a F-^ I-| j-} ?-m ^-a
8-y ]-A L-. 8-. ?-g 4-s h-g g-t F-k n-] .-J n-: g-0 0-t _-b K-t r-; <-v 7-t [-; s-x M-Y P-. ?-7 y-. Y-r 7-0 8-j P-j p-b 6-8 8-P n-W J-Q Q-L 6-Q _-k .-Q Y-< 7-g \-5 J-6 E-< h-0 7-h F-b F-p ~-n F-_ y-J y-L =-^ J-L y-P J-j Q-8 h-K ;-| 8-L K-g [-r p-_ [-E d-< E-v K-0 .-j ?-t j-y \-] E-| 6-y K-?
y-: :-i 2-f r-v i-v y-k R-Z f-G :-3 r-: i-k 3-i v-k 3-y i-y Q-Z F-G 3-e v-: :-e r-i r-k r-3 q-j j-G
C-3 7-O i-2 >-P 2-< 3-E U-4 <-J 4-c B-C J-7 J-n 3-c V-4 >-d V-B J-d 7-i i-O J-i 2-d
W-Y y-X Y-T O-k 8-y k-0 L-E E-\ 4-3 F-y ?-4 Z-\ L-O }-~ M-D 0-E X-? S-{ X-; 3-K H-d 8-G K-4 d-O K-? 3-? ;-3 U-l m-7 7-= W-T 0-d y-4 F-8 h-~ O-E X-G P-M 4-X \-L k-L ~-@ E-d Z-O X-8 @-/ F-; Z-k =-D 8-? H-0 K-; F-4 O-H /-~ Z-0 /-B 0-\ 8-K S-Y =-m ;-8 T-S h-/ d-k M-z Z-H O-\ E-Z h-B F-? }-/ 8-3 y-; }-B L-d G-? ~-B @-} H-k B-@ \-H 8-4 3-y L-Z X-K 0-L F-X G-y
J-: 7-y O-u 2-w h-; V-b a-W n-2 =-p O-p 1-p [-{ =-1 n-7 n-y l-G 8-[ u-G ^-l >-J 1-u f-C ~-x ?-L s-} U-\ }-@ ^-1 _-n I-J U-C u-p N-b }-9 a-h `-> n-r W-h O-^ Y-} ;-a l-= [-c _-2 9-@ [-C U-{ Y-A Y-k x-T p-^ 7-w ^-G U-3 u-l N-A =-u 1-O =-^ u-^ b-9 O-l 3-f =-O G-p G-= p-l z-> 2-r y-w `-: 2-y G-O W-; n-w 3-\
O-^ ?-O 3-s ]-c `-a j-o W-} K-I 3-7 K-3 >-^ H-g j-= a-c W-C 7-2 I-v I-2 O-M K-U H-a L-v W-P 2-K 7-I y-M L-s P-V U-2 P-E U-s K-s K-L 7-L U-I v-3 s-I 3-U Z-= v-s V-C k-d v-K \-O L-3 a-d 2-3 L-U d-`
2-W ?-/ }-Y l-u K-A ^-A a-B C-G /-^ A-C Z-a N-S .-> |-P 1-2 1-O Q-Z P-7 a-S ^-? >-M g-6 @-n }-H K-? T-0 H-@ s-8 G-A 6-[ h-F y-g a-| N-Z /-A n-Y 6-f C-^ 9-h /-C @-o f-T [-g ;-0 [-y 6-T l-t >-h n-j z-R C-? V-s K-G K-/ n-8 ^-K
h-O J-R ;-O B-a \-h d-l \-a @-U k-@ <-n s-q h-a ;-\ B-Y ;-w 5-b 5-V 2-G w-a I-P \-C >-^ >-2 O-B A-F l-` 9-s ;-h ^-T u-9 \-Y .-V O-Y Y-h C-w h-C 5-? O-a @-` U-` |-d ?-i Y-C Y-; B-C w-h V-i a-C q-u @-| O-\ ~-R P-F l-k ;-a O-w ?-. P-A }-d \-w 9-q ?-V .-i E-2 b-. b-i G-y @-D \-B a-Y ?-b Z-k u-s F-v D-d w-Y
F-B Z-Q c-= Z-1 s-Z =-B _-< B-a 1-< v-4 T-< _-T g-= s-A _-s ]-x 1-Q A-T <-A x-z w-z Z-e ]-4 w-v E-Q F-= T-E ?-] <-Z A-Z n-] 1-A e-1 E-e \-= w-x \-B 1-s g-F B-c a-g Q-_ x-? n-4 a-\ <-e z-] a-= v-x w-? z-n z-v A-Q 4-z _-Z x-n ]-w s-E E-< c-a Q-s e-Q 4-x g-\ A-E z-?
B-^ g-m U-k u-v Q-E U-v I-[ [-Q u-B >-j ^-U D-u v-D U-B D-k E-I D-^ m-> v-k k-^ ~-j ^-u B-k 7-Q u-U I-: 7-E
p-2 L-_ ?-4 t-= >-t {-R j-z 1-L :-K {-2 s-1 p-{ a-K [-z t-z S-> ]-^ 5-K ^-9 >-J i-j X-l l-\ i-> l-w X-K s-F P-u 2-R j-[ =-i i-k ^-v >-j \-: R-p =-> s-u 9-~ l-K
V-x I-\ >-C r-l a-Y :-e .-C O-l r-e a-b E-b O-r >-s s-| l-: b-Y a-@ {-I s-j \-| I-j M-E >-| |-{ a-q C-j :-r J-Q @-b A-p .-s |-I O-= e-^ e-l b-D D-M J-V j-> ^-l c-J j-. .-\ E-@ a-D :-= I-. I-C s-I E-a v-p x-c D-@ \-{ =-^ C-| q-b M-a l-= C-s ^-r ^-O 6-K E-D v-A e-=
F-` N-/ F-? R-F /-0 5-] r-I |-e K-L ~-C q-U e-{ u-f {-| f-N f-/ w-/ p-7 C-l 0-K K-f h-4 w-_ `-R ?-v w-N M-7 u-K u-_ R-[ P-5 `-? =-d P-; F-[ G-= b-R ]-; L-f L-H L-/ g-4 N-L m-4 q-{ ~-= 5-; Z-~ H-0 L-u v-R l-o ~-j _-K m-T d-C ~-o b-? N-_ w-u f-_ u-H b-` /-u R-? g-7 0-_ l-d f-w H-N H-/ u-N w-L [-b v-` F-v L-_ f-H 0-w x-r f-0
f-S _-` ~-n [-o l-[ ~-@ ]-n I-B }-D 8-S 8-f /-D f-D A-; s-l :-n n-@ F-` @-: `-h X-Z n-> ~-> B-~ _-e @-I /-f ]-B ~-a b-Z \-c A-3 ]-I @-> j-v h-; :-a i-G p-3 h-e n-I A-F :-] l-o W-E 5-e >-] >-I v-w [-s i-v :-I ~-] >-B U-i a-B F-5 A-e /-E >-a ]-a I-a o-s B-n
`-= F-2 j-n n-5 d-= o-O g-c ^-V A-m j-5 g-s 9-| 5-E O-2 |-m T-5 :-B B-2 /-` w-W [-5 9-_ O-F A-| 5-y c-w 9-m W-X F-: ^-W c-V ^-6 @-a m-_ W-? /-d A-9
P-O c-j g-T M-l K-T c-P `-m {-K |-3 G-J A-| 8-c <-{ `-w \-P /-G 8-j 8-O K-g r-k u-| w-l r-M r-m k-l 4-w H-b @-X m-4 3-Y P-j 9-u \-O 8-h r-w P-8 h-j j-O O-c F-G A-u u-Y Y-9 M-4 Y-| 3-9 `-4 \-c P-h 8-\ {-T w-k w-m m-M 3-u h-O l-` b-p r-4
1-w Q-\ `-M M-6 K-M m-R F-Y S-M `-m g-d }-~ h-Z ?-4 M-\ 6-R b-N L-{ B-L 6-\ `-K 6-` Y-g ~-_ R-Q N-5 g-b ]-U Z-G B-e w-H Y-d Q-S Y-5 5-b N-F N-Y 5-d J-H Q-K 4-t d-N R-S g-5 t-e R-K }-w H-h 6-K S-K Q-` t-? Z-_ R-\ H-1 F-b M-m S-m ?-{ ?-L 4-k S-\
O-l x-L N-W Z-q @-k J-l A-^ i-@ d-/ ;-x r-; O-= Q-w k-K V-R B-q Q-@ k-i 4-H 8-3 N-A x-P w-v H-: 2-> L-P x-3 C-G G-Q D-r 6-V 5-d Z-R :-4 U-H g-w 0-^ 3-D W-0 L-3 =-\ J-4 N-h t-V :-= i-g H-\ k-w @-G C-Q J-: G-g h-W J-= 4-\ l-\ 8-x Q-K 4-l K-v @-w q-V P-8 l-U i-w 8-D r-x D-; r-P H-O P-3 r-L V-Z r-8 U-O @-C k-v \-U 3-r l-: k-g w-C U-4 0-h \-O h-^ K-@ i-C Q-v L-8 D-x Q-k g-v G-K g-Q P-; :-\ G-k
6-P V-D 9-i p-h ]-T l-@ h-@ P-f @-O T-@ I-x q-C O-X Q-/ J-q /-6 }-6 X-p T-h T-O A-c ]-l p-l /-} h-] p-O }-Q O-h w-Y T-l R-9 ]-X I-P t-V /-x d-? p-@ Y-D I-} ]-O 6-f O-l I-6 ]-@ f-I M-3 S-c d-9 t-w <-c d-i 6-L }-x ]-p L-Q @-X /-P <-A 6-x Q-P M-i <-S ?-i x-f h-l X-h p-T Q-I y-r
n-W u-h u-n Q-W a-Z O-l a-Q }-Q O-k h-a W-h Q-n k-e q-} Z-M ;-b N-O
E-< A-b |-< T-E T-| o-T A-T b-< b-| o-| ^-| }-@ O-G A-E T-< |-A f-^ G-4 ^-b o-b 4-O E-o T-b A-< E-f o-< D-w O-}
I-6 P-R K-2 a-: 2-x 5-s A-n m-h a-R J-7 x-a 7-[ P-2 5-. 6-h `-} J-. :-A 6-1 /-; \-c :-R h-D A-a ]-g s-. L-3 f-? ;-B D-1 D-Q h-` I-1 Q-1 }-6 N-; A-x 0-g n-C }-m n-x u-. 9-\ :-K a-P c-L q-; 2-: u-5 :-P g-H h-Q A-C C-x K-a S-f 2-n K-P Q-m 3-X S-? Q-} n-a q-B L-\ c-3 P-x :-x J-u [-J P-C C-K I-D s-u 3-9 [-5 c-9 6-` C-2 F-d \-X m-6 D-` m-D N-q I-m q-/ 9-L D-} n-: [-. x-K 2-R R-n h-} I-} B-N X-L
.-x z-U ?-U x-_ z-. w-` K-3 ?-k :-K f-: r-k c-{ U-r x-U T-? E-{ _-k z-k |-: z-T >-t T-r ?-x x-r U-. x-T U-k c-E r-. _-U z-_ U-T c-i x-z t-0 T-k .-_
U-S \-9 Z-C U-C 0-U Z-L 6-Z Q-9 U-L \-b 6-C 0-C C-A Z-S C-S b-2 L-C f-\ b-9 6-S U-Z b-f
O-7 `-e m-p R-{ @-8 _-k >-s >-Q 7-d \-d d-` t-Q 1-B I-r f-d N-> f-\ F-= 1-m U-v L-1 e-7 >-< b-= 8-r _-U X-D V-p r-@ 7-\ {-l /-Q /-u <-/ I-8 :-l s-u @-I R-Y O-` =-1 k-J b-V .-U J-_ 7-` \-` L-b 7-f e-O =-V v-_
z-l 1-g g-K b-d U-X d-K g-b 2-C U-i >-2 i-K 1-X h-Q Q-X F-0 M-C <-D Q-b 9-G 4-G b-1 2-S i-h K-X ^-C 7-w t-6 i-b j-w X-b y-e <-c b-U r-< d-i U-K i-Q ^-> Q-U b-K i-X ?-0 ?-< h-X w-z X-d e-t
\-B W-e U-6 X-Q h-a \-a e-w v-e _-q b-X q-U W-= _-U B-h q-O ^-X ^-Q ~-e b-^ k-a _-O o-q _-o B-k j-~ W-w j-= v-w 6-o W-v ~-= o-U O-U =-v v-~ e-= h-\ q-6 a-B j-v o-O 6-O
>-v S-b 3-> e-b Z-V f-: 7-; w-> b-; e-3 ;-e ;-S >-7 5-f 7-e 3-w 3-7 |-h ;-> <-> ;-3 :-1 w-; w-7 3-v w-b 3-< b-> v-b V-f 5-| <-e v-w S-< 7-v f-h 7-S <-7 S-> <-b S-3 |-1 h-: e->
5-x t-H Y-@ l-d c-l ~-< 0-H j-n k-H }-k 0-. q-. j-S W-x H-} t-k q-H \-l o-S b-= Y-] |-l 1-` U-o 9-= 9-b r-q o-I }-t 0-} w-4 q-} P-y c-G r-. 1-c H-r l-O e-n .-t r-k 0-t ;-` 5-p 9-z Q-p w-e o-n n-4 9-D 0-r ;-\ ;-d b-D w-o e-S r-t 0-k q-t 5-W A-5 f-P w-S }-. 0-q k-q v-y
p-j V-] Y-r ^-0 ]-_ f-o 9-Y p-< c-A V-1 p-Q 9-} w-a S-{ N-} @-[ Q-< [-F 9-N 9-r t-: j-M t-s E-k F-@ <-j S-g t-S Y-} _-z }-0 Y-N 9-^ Y-0 e-] :-s 0-9 _-1 f-X ^-} r-^ Q-j V-f c-a f-z 0-r
h-. ]-q \-1 T-] h-a z-d _-N d-. e-a ?-p z-e h-~ z-a x-g r-T 4-C g-= \-H v-\ ~-e x-1 f-H m-u x-3 e-d p-Y 4-u A-S 4-F e-h S-I D-I 3-1 H-x E-2 ~-d W-u H-V 3-= f-\ 3-v x-f }-7 \-x Y-? F-^ u-N =-1 2-L m-4 q-r z-h 4-_ A-} f-v H-1 n-8 f-3 A-[ H-v f-g D-J g-\ H-= V-g .-~ \-3 @-p \-= a-d B-r J-A f-1 .-e ?-@ v-=
{-D p-a a-v \-7 U-\ Z-~ T-Y p-v K-6 Z-X b-0 R-s K-O x-4 d-Z q-\ s-X .-4 7-U d-I D-v \-: D-a I-R C-= n-0 T-7 s-d M-` C-X p-D j-7 =-~ s-~ 6-e t-4 X-R S-f d-R q-7 `-@ I-X G-| s-C |-3 s-= ]-G {-v Y-q X-~ =-X Y-Q I-C E-G x-t J-Z J-s R-= .-x C-~ `-K T-q u-| d-X /-c =-I I-Z R-C G-3 e-@ p-{ G-/ C-Z
3-~ o-e X-Q M-6 :-K c-K ;-: ^-o Y-6 Y-: o-Q 7-? ~-X `-B >-` R-K ^-~ R-M ~-Q Q-e ;-Y ^-X ;-1 X-3 Y-R ;-6 K-; R-1 ;-M j-7 ;-c ?-s 1-6 >-B M-K c-R e-~ 6-R c-M 6-: o-3 6-c :-R K-Y j-s o-~ M-:
g-b r-P i-S j-B P-B Y-N Y-< b-P g-S }-Y P-S j-g h-N Y-D i-g P-{
]-; K-r 4-W 1-v q-^ r-w 4-w G-K q-{ ]-r G-r u-T v-a 8-1 W-r u-l ^-{ T-l V-q v-x w-; ]-4 V-{ 4-K K-W 4-; q-R O-a ]-G W-G 1-a {-R
~-_ n-e R-^ ~-Y ;-F P-~ y-\ R-\ P-N Y-P N-6 P-6 Y-N b-K i-r 2-F U-y _-6 E-p ^-\ \-U N-_ t-p R-y j-K j-b ;-u R-t ^-[ ^-U :-; G-F y-p [-E t-[ y-^ \-[ t-\ U-R U-t ~-N 2-m 8-i E-R 6-Y ^-t Y-_ p-R R-[ i-Z i-B
1-P a-q R-P C-@ i-Z 4-| |-\ 4-M i-M 4-\ K-D 1-g P-n D-R g-R U-a v-V W-h [-V y-W h-q |-M i-6 6-[ W-U i-[ M-\ Z-[ 6-v R-S v-Z 4-6 =-] v-i Y-a \-i Z-| 6-V x-H V-Z D-S k-f s-] n-K l-> /-o v-\ y-U =-. 8-H V-\ ?-/ D-g [-4 U-L P-K K-1 H-5 P-D x-_ [-M 6-| Z-4 P-g i-| k-_ V-4 o-z /-} @-. V-i K-g V-M q-Q 1-S K-S 4-v \-[ ]-. |-v n-R g-n v-M C-s
?-C q-` K-C P-C X-U ]-` o-z ^-c }-[ p-N y-N R-/ o-W O-o x-N /-m ?-K W-O f-_ \-_ q-4 N-[ }-N k-Y 6-? `-4 y-n =-w K-/ 6-P m-? n-} .-2 .-q ]-q X-_ 4-] l-M n-w X-B ^-\ m-P n-g .-] 6-K Y-| `-2 B-_ y-[ W-z U-_ f-c .-` 6-C /-P z-O E-P B-\ 2-4 2-] |-k f-B 6-m
s-l `-f f-V a-` r-U 9-r W-` U-G N-U G-< d-k K-4 N-r v-k j-4 a-W k-Q `-V e-l W-f T-d G-9 K-j k-I e-; k-l T-v G-r f-a Q-e V-a s-k T-Q <-N
u-M W-7 ^-M |-M 4-m ?-8 u-3 3-| f-A M-3 n-u W-M z-Q }-| }-u |-Y A-m M-7 f-4 W-| u-^ W-^ f-[ 3-n ?-V ^-3 z-g M-} |-u A-4 f-m u-Y n-7 Y-7 g-? W-u g-v M-n ?-Q ^-} Y-W 7-u Y-M }-W }-Y A-[ 5-v
c-> g-{ C-W 2-r J-g 4-J <-: ;-` n-a J-< d-h L-{ v-E =-g 1-? L-J i-C U-1 Z-X g-< g-L >-W z-b S-r :-J L-< Z-5 <-= g-A c-1 =-: r-a 4-: {-4 3-P ?-v A-{ {-< >-U A-= c-v O-h h-X L-= A-: =-J s-S =-4 L-: 4-L 4-g `-p n-[ ;-F z-] 1-W /-r A-L ;-p
T-D B-] D-= T-h x-Y q-K T-3 h-D w-D T-| 6-4 |-= x-A D-O Y-p x-d h-| w-| h-O 6-q {-f O-| 3-w p-f e-x 3-O =-w 4-c Y-F B-K A-{ f-Y h-3 a-u T-= c-K =-h 3-| w-O
A-f :-< D-g {-f j-< }-f f-g `-j A-` <-` D-f `-: }-{ `-f A-j D-< :-j <-g g-A D-` `-} j-g :-} F-h j-D A-D {-` f-j g-` D-: {-< g-{
/-3 >-^ b-^ 3-L b-: /-L ^-: b-y ^-y >-b
B-M V-R B-? 9-f Q-\ V-\ h-e Y-V V-Q M-e R-Y {-< =-f 1-< 9-u u-h \-Y K-_ e-B 1-c N-_ U-K w-r K-{ u-G B-u 3-w c-{ <-_ 1-U I-c h-9 1-N
j-t g-t ?-9 9-a 9-j t-? g-j 7-^ t-a j-? g-9 a-? 9-t ^-:
H-= Q-H Q-o c-= o-c G-6 p-X q-X H-o =-Q Q-< <-c Q-c ~-q o-<
n-e p-Y H-e p-7 g-/ O-i O-/ y-W 4-R O-g /-2 O-T ;-y L-H 4-Y O-2 R-7 ;-4 7-4 T-{ 2-T ;-7
^-q 1-c q-i q-@ Y-^ _-9 ^-i 9-@ 9-q ^-9 ^-G
}-Y A-K A-} `-A q-/ l-[ i-\ G-[ t-/ `-K K-Y l-G t-V Y-`
}-3 L-? h-} h-3 o-3 I-{ k-= O-5 I-k 3-1 P-: 1-: 3-^ k-{ P-o ^-5 q-| G-u I-= {-; 5-: b-f ]-? 5-3 {-= U-c G-D J-q ^-: 7-{ >-? P-O O-1 P-h ~-F {-R =-7 5-o U-F |-v }-: P-1 k-R {-S 7-; v-J 5-1 X-x [-x O-: |-J 3-: q-A f-U <-A O-o ^-o R-I 8-M P-} d-c 1-o R-S h-o :-h >-] P-3 i-x Q-f o-} <-J 7-I 1-^ D-u |-A :-o S-; }-O |-< }-5 h-^ =-; ~-b ;-I /-d P-5 v-A ]-L X-Y g-X k-; s-X
]-h Z-f `-E U-E /-M T-i 7-B h-_ 3-j @-/ 3-E C-b X-. /-S g-S w-z >-n ~-z j-U 8-A h-Z `-> H-_ ?-t .-k I-; E-> >-3 n-j b-d d-M 8-i =-; U-` }-~ 7-k 3-n n-` n-U /-C N-} i-~ _-c S-@ z-i o-I ?-x T-} A-~ U-3 <-c K-Q b-S >-U E-n A-J i-} j-> T-8 k-X q-S ;-F 9-I
?-h l-b n-K 2-| v-l H-@ ?-e e-K v-H ]-| K-1 s-Z {-Q h-9 1-D M-s c-M c-s Q-n i-] @-v {-e b-H i-| ]-H H-i @-] 2-b b-| 2-i Z-c h-1 Q-1 ]-2 v-] b-i
W-3 a-X /-] W-j 3-] /-Q Z-r a-Z j-H ]-j g-/ W-x n-x Q-] W-g 3-n
{-= H-< H-5 G-H 8-Z R-~ ?-4 5-< X-R =-Y G-i c-H P-Y O-A c-G X-~ v-Y D-0 ?-i =-7 b-0 I-V =-B :-J Y-B G-< l-v [-Q v-= b-D B-l >-Y P-v B-v 6-A 5-4 ?-H {-v A-F Y-7 V-p l-Y b-R X-b l-= i-H H-4 >-l 4-i 0-R ?-G {-l ~-0 l-7 2-J l-P {-B >-B ~-b 0-X {-P Z-V 7-{ B-7 i-< ?-5
s-p s-2 >-B J-t :-t B-g O-W |-W C-> J-d 2-: V-> s-:
D-q H-: o-l I-q .-B i-S B-D Y-H X-h P-N o-0 Y-C Z-o a-Z S-B 9-q 9-S N-Z F-w {-0 a-N l-N e-6 i-I 9-B {-N l-P o-N s-w o-n p-X P-Z i-9 q-S 7-l n-0 0-N n-a a-7 n-7 [-: C-[ 0-7 l-0 D-I o-7 9-I X-w A-y {-7 {-P S-I {-o n-{ B-q .-S f-e N-7 C-H Y-: n-l P-0 B-I H-[ 9-. {-l {-Z P-a a-o 0-Z h-s D-9 Z-l p-h
1-? ~-M o-D g-^ i-R v-M 9-v O-D u-l a-H o-~ \-; o-M 5-^ u-= O-A ?-u g-V o-v O-M D-v B-d F-P \-? o-O 9-D g-5 ~-9 \-a M-A F-v V-5 v-A o-P {-^ O-~ v-~ a-= e-b D-A F-A A-P A-o M-9 F-9 ~-D O-v P-M b-R 0-h P-~ R-h P-D 9-O ;-= F-~
e-f K-E E-P 7-M ~-. =-. 6-~ L-A 7-T B-f T-M P-K j-= F-e K-{ [-P {-v F-f [-v {-[ Z-S f-A P-{ \-H B-L j-l H-r 8-b [-K b-l l-_ ~-l =-b v-E A-0 M-J L-a 8-= O-A ~-5 _-8 j-8 E-{
4-j [-Q j-L 9-< =-9 j-F Q-9 Q-= I-x 9-[ 6-F T-Q 4-u 9-J Q-J M-L M-4 m-6 T-= 6-L n-j =-< <-Q u-m T-< 6-n [-= <-J
s-W :-S B-~ X-a J-; ;-\ O-o J-d [-b B-k [-p >-M M-S \-B M-[ a-A C-P o-| `-C G-h Z-E M-g `-P k-d d-Q 9-Z `-| O-P l-k J-/ ;-/ |-P J-B l-B B-; 2-O O-` C-O /-Q :-[ P-2 b-p ;-k 2-| G-T ~-d A-X d-; v-6 h-T X-1 /-l t-{ Q-k Q-\ J-~ `-o /-\ B-/ `-2 6-z ~-Q B-Q 1-A E-{ E-? C-2 k-\ B-d [-@ D-h |-O l-Q J-\ k-~ T-3
m-} :-/ Z-= /-L 1-/ L-: x-9 Z-p .-9 Z-8 N-p x-} |-Z |-8
5-O 1-2 5-1 |-\ 1-w f-5 O-1 1-f 1-r |-X =-8 O-2 w-f F-2 F-w r-O 8-| w-5 f-O r-F f-F |-U O-F w-2
2-~ Z-2 p-d /-@ E-B N-_ d-O ?-n F-X |-c p-O g-O D-E 0-X ]-? _-d p-^ 0-F N-g 5-a w-] j-L ?-q @-a 0-| ~-r V-F m-/ 2-L |-4 ]-n w-n X-4 H-= N-^ 2-> O-N K-f O-_ c-X 3-K g-^ d-N N-p m-. l-V X-| l-| V-| O-^ ]-q f-3 _-^ V-4 g-p c-l c-V 0-c C-K V-0 E-j Q-=
Z-R M-b Z-[ s-R R-_ 4-k Z-K D-k P-_ _-K 4-? P-R 4-q _-M L-z `-T y-m Q-[ ~-0 P-Z m-z h-z _-[ q-6 S-8 C-6 q-i [-K i-4 K-Q h-y C-? Z-s i-D C-D {-T 9-} {-z n-9 j-0 z-` {-< S-d [-M P-[ s-[ Q-Z Q-P [-b L-y 6-D L-m A-0 T-< Z-b K-P R-M 7-S R-Q ]-c i-6 j-A A-U y-` b-P ?-k `-L h-T ?-6 H-9 4-D <-L s-M ~-A {-` {-L y-z @-H n-; {-m _-s T-L h-{ M-Z R-K y-T W-9 k-6 y-<
A-\ F-s E-^ 7-i 0-S F-7 i-_ ?-c H-@ n-Z ;-g s-N s-_ A-F ?-t L-H ]-t W-7 i-N \-s m-Z M-N .-` a-Q 7-_ Z-1 A-W ^-D 7-s I-e W-i i-\ _-M W-N \-_ C-m i-A _-A D-e W-_ m-n \-W i-F D-E N-\ _-N T-= 2-^ {-u F-\ N-7 2-e S-h =-` <-D >-= I-E M-i Q-h [-B J-= I-^ H-k W-F 9-J ?-] k-@ \-M |-h O-u 2-I J-; W-s ?-B K-c s-M E-6
d-t {-t e-h ~-F d-\ L-[ 2-` Q-i .-u u-` l-< f-X {-d \-[ X-{ `-: t-\ {-[ w-` X-t .-2 5-Q b-h 6-A n-a J-} b-9 \-L j-} f-[ =-i y-2 Z-F u-A f-t 9-< =-5 w-2 2-A [-d y-A :-A H-F :-u {-\ 3-g I-g R-K y-w h-l l-j w-6 [-t F-n K-_ .-w L-d N-K A-` `-y L-t :-2 w-A {-L =-Q u-y u-2 :-w 6-: e-9 ?-R }-9 X-d I-3 J-T
k-r [-B U-7 B-h h-C T-> X-~ N-y J-3 C-T v-| I-M 0-W [-T |-y s-h 0-C k-] >-B C-[ |-X >-h s-W T-0 J-| B-T >-[ 9-| W-h J-X [-h T-W |-~ s-C 0-s >-0 z-y U-] N-| Q-I B-s J-v |-3 Q-M
d-B U-I c-P ;-v ;-7 a-d n-X 9-B w-@ c-d H-v 9-P O-@ 9-X |-n w-p O-p X-d X-| w-J 7-H |-c j-b X-P 9-n 9-c C-H n-P B-a G-J P-a d-| B-X U-b O-J a-| P-B P-| d-9 P-d I-b
C-M n-{ [-B d-N n-_ {-U A-[ N-j _-{ C-B C-7 B-Z Z-[ I-j f-d A-B 7-B _-U Z-7 A-C M-1 N-f A-7 I-x 1-7 A-1 N-I C-1 B-1
O-J O-s s-U p-g 9-J
8-O l-Q |-x X-? >-` 2-` Q-\ l-O Q-f e-W 7-W A-| `-f H-r \-n @-C >-\ d-| 2-f :-t `-l x-d Q-8 x-K W-? >-f 5-m 2-> O-2 O-Q I-U F-; X-7 `-Q 4-R n-l :-| :-K 5-R g-G B-S 8-f b-J K-t 8-l P-[ n-` :-x 8-n B-r i-a J-v r-S y-G O-f 8-> x-t `-8 \-l 4-m F-0 H-S 8-\ h-V W-] K-| |-t 4-5 \-f K-d J-u @-U y-B @-z `-\ 2-\ l-2 e-i H-[ R-h A-K [-S a-W O-` O-\ O-> t-d
W-3 3-T r-g g-f g-W g-T h-w W-T f-: 3-r r-T 8-h W-: T-: 3-g w-8 W-f W-r r-: Y-h
]-v f-{ t-1 F-G x-L 5-y 1-< z-H `-F G-X }-` d-P =-J }-J 6-} F-} I-g b-g f-n J-6 .-v `-6 d-b B-b P-h P-b d-I d-B N-d ;-} 8-} 6-8 p-b b-h h-I G-; D-l b-N L-D <-i L-l B-p n-a L-_ l-x 8-; L-[ `-= 2-L 8-F I-b h-g x-U I-N I-B G-} g-p N-p g-d 1-z
o-= N-O g-` {-o H-: J-= :-? y-| N-C B-y g-B @-: `-B v-: J-? n-? H-v c-p C-A =-H B-1 @-J H-J @-n :-n n-o n-v g-y @-= J-: =-{ v-{ 1-` J-o =-v 1-g @-? =-n k-c @-v H-? =-? ?-v H-o :-o =-: 1-| |-B 1-y p-k {-H H-n o-@
c-i I-K I-P P-< <-I c-= <-3
Y-B >-e 5-7 5-D \-Y D-@ B-\ i-L B-6 b-\ b-F b-S 9-\ }-P }-> Y-S X-P H-9 H-B 9-B b-9 F-H D-[ i-e e-L F-S y-j y-o S-r O-/ s-~ o-I F-r \-H g-@ \-r X-> 6-9 X-L 6-S 5-[ s-v L-> i-P ~-T s-/ F-Y 7-D F-6 ?-s 9-S H-6 >-i b-H b-B 9-F h-s e-X b-6 B-r r-H
}-E O-} ]-B ~-{ H-] N-v E-p ;-O ;-E p-] 3-c ]-} B-E r-F v-] P-Y t-G }-; B-H 8-3 E-v G-{ B-; B-O ;-] ^-8 B-N s-G /-Z N-O p-v 8-c B-p N-} O-v O-p B-} r-G R-Y s-D v-} v-B J-8 J-^ }-H e-J e-c 8-e N-] R-Q ~-s O-E p-N O-] D-r E-H p-; r-I Y-@ ~-r
>-N L-h 1-x h-N c-~ @-L c-Q e-N 6-S t-e @-t N-Y L-9 h-9 9-@ E-v t-> x-C E-i T-D Z-f E-` 4-e >-Y S-7 >-4 l-V <-E h-> 4-Y t-L t-9 G-y 6-. V-G Y-L @-N h-Y N-4 T-B u-` N-L 4-@ e-L e-> N-9 S-. h-e G-2 t-4 C-1 e-Y f-C G-D <-K 9-> T-V t-N L-4 ~-Q e-9 h-@ `-< 7-6
h-3 <-0 0-4 r-R 4-9 x-: D-0 <-V .-_ 3-: 3-z y-r :-S _-\ _-0 _-9 :-j j-S V-_ _-4 .-< .-4 i-` V-9 .-K K-V _-K 3-S i-o V-4 .-\ V-. 9-0 j-3 \-4 0-. \-0 x-h \-< h-j n-Q D-4 <-D h-S <-9 K-4 `-o 9-\ S-x 3-x K-0 n-R \-V .-9
k-n Q-? 5-Q g-1 5-~ j-n W-| ~-@ T-l ~-/ 1-V /-p /-@ l-/ l-5 m-k Q-q W-2 n-2 ?-T G-| p-T Q-~ j-c ?-~ m-2 z-1 c-k T-@ q-~ p-Q @-q k-2 G-2 q-l c-n 2-j n-m j-k W-c n-W 5-p G-j Q-@ T-5 j-m ?-/ |-m T-Q /-5 p-q q-T k-W ?-@ ~-p m-c q-? H-1 c-G n-G 5-q G-m G-k /-Q
F-X F-3 f-A .-l 3-o ^-~ D-X z-w s-> \-[ @-A ?-2 W-| ~-R M-t P-v Q-1 \-I e-A Z-^ 9-D F-W A-G P-Z ~-Z P-~ R-U y-P I-2 w-4 e-f v-U w-Y _-1 y-Z P-^ ]-s U-^ Z-R ]-6 z-Y ^-R [-I 5-i v-y ^-y 2-\ v-^ G-f U-~ G-@ I-? ;-s Z-v R-y ?-k R-P 9-. 4-Y 9-| y-~ v-~ k-\ [-? l-X s-t G-e
]-= 4-s v-T X-[ :-} W-G :-G g-j 5-T _-t :-f =-{ 2-s F-Z k-W J-j I-4 `-Q S-q ]-3 x-M :-W 3-v 0-4 j-d I-9 G-k ]-v S-` Q-S |-w =-. q-` 9-4 .-T }-W w-F f-@ 8-B T-3 .-5 x-B e-K 3-. s-N g-O |-F {-5 c-w k-f @-G 5-= P-0 Z-e }-G f-} v-. 9-X j-a ;-e }-k ;-K e-/ ]-{ Z-/ }-@ 8-Y 5-3 K-c [-9
t-n >-6 6-t A-j |-A 6-p j-| n-p n-6
d-A .-Z f-X X-Z Z-H d-Q 1-H
m-4 m-h X-Q ?-> E-Y >-b Y-A ;-[ r-o K-[ q-2 A-p 6-Y l-/ N-T h-b o-2 A-6 m-? 4-b x-= q-O h-? {-Y ;-@ a-1 ]-N 1-I U-2 `-C I-2 Q-_ B-T w-4 ;-Q b-? d-T b-w >-h e-T a-I 8-/ `-L c-p w-h w-m E-s Y-g >-w ;-F l-G \-I r-1 8-l N-e N-d w-? s-c r-O G-/
>-[ Q-q V-b [-O c-: C-: c-R b-J :-> N-D O-: b-U t-; :-[ |-j V-U R-O >-R f-S Z-f p-` j-e 8-B ]-O C-= C-> Z-3 z-R M-p z-O 2-V ]-z K-5 V-r >-] R-[ >-z J-D b-Y @-e =-c e-? z-: d-p >-= D-b ^-d =-[ D-r [-z [-c =-z d-/ =-: C-c q-f K-t c-] :-R B-^ z-c >-O p-B ]-R I-Q z-C
Z-u G-5 M-u G-m M-Q 1-3 G-r [-Z 7-n Z-n 7-M 2-r u-n v-2 v-3 Z-7 Y-M S-2 i-5 q-u m-5 1-v R-4 m-1 Q-Z i-3 5-2 U-< q-M [-u G-i O-@ m-i q-Q v-G 7-[ G-S d-h ^-E S-v 7-q Q-Y Q-u m-S Y-7 n-[ 5-r 3-S r-1 S-r n-q p-= v-5 1-i t-U ^-h g-~ v-i 3-G Z-Y t-^ R-g ^-< Y-q i-S q-Z G-2 1-2 t-{ Y-u M-[ Q-n h-U [-Y v-m u-7 a-O 2-m [-q
X-u c-8 `-; H-; 6-u c-J Y-s `-H 8-G z-6 R-X b-z ]-X R-Y R-z ]-E G-c h-V 9-J b-X E-u E-R s-u
x-e O-\ 5-U v-= f-: 7-= b-4 3-[ _-N Z-1 n-i e-/ 7-F c-e 5-w O-8 0-= ]-< V-8 o-: d-< _-V M-0 M-v l-i F-@ w-a V-N @-0 Z-a t-U ]-l 8-N I-O 7-@ <-l 8-k U-1 M-u =-u 0-F N-O [-: v-@ f-[ h-X M-@ 4-P <-g A-a v-0 a-5 :-3 0-u 8-I b-P Y-_ @-u 9-Z V-Y F-u M-= k-Y z-_ i-< 7-0 d-g Y-8
l-? \-3 p-n n-? x-_ p-s s-l v-| k-v Q-{ 3-? |-K 3-l s-n =-> =-G =-| p-3 G-@ s-? G-k v-@ f-2 v-i |-h P-a i-h =-@ h-K G-i N-{ q-t g-a G-v i-| :-U |-@ \-n 3-: B-2 >-k 5-w :-s >-i .-/ k-@ k-= >-K v-h i-@ 5-8 v-= 2-r p-: i-k U-n G-h 3-U 3-s ;-N K-i s-U 7-] s-\ .-M h-@ ?-U 8-0 b-2 ?-: ]-~ 8-~ |-k =-i ;-{ G-| M-x >-G k-K p-\ u-x K-= k-h
G-@ g-V @-9 G-= .-{ @-V .-f 9-g .-4 <-. =-@ X-{ =-^
W-o w-_ E-t o-M I-@ `-{ ]-@ e-P }-d 7-3 {-C `-M e-{ 7-H P-o ?-o E-2 W-{ V-o M-V _-1 x-= M-C e-V I-x d-3 I-2 C-V W-? @-E K-~ N-] ?-P {-V C-o M-P C-? d-H K-3 =-t 2-x =-2 J-m E-] 2-] E-x x-N {-M I-t ?-V 7-d C-e K-} a-J M-? H-3 W-P ]-x N-@ w-0 N-2 C-P ?-e `-? P-V 2-@ `-W o-` =-I _-4 7-~ 7-K W-e n-_ 3-~ W-M }-3
Y-/ Y-8 Q-J 6-Y 8-5 /-= Y-= 8-6 /-6 =-8 R-J
j-u >-/ 2-\ m-c 5-< 2-6 C-K K-> \-| y-U u-5 <-j ^-= 2-c b-^ ]-u w-j n-Z >-D n-l {-C >-{ v-o o-E B-6 C-D [-A /-{ n-[ @-u 2-m o-l x-] o-n C-> |-6 6-} R-^ Z-E `-s ^-s {-K B-c i-[ ;-^ Z-A n-v D-K o-[ E-A :-n X-5 D-{
o-A i-L o-b b-g T-_ o-T B-T r-M _-g R-r
<-D m-P G-X 5-{ D-^ G-W a-x G-1 P-f a-N i-m f-G h-P V-w 1-P W-i v-A i-X W-} V-5 i-P X-f X-P U-A C-5 X-} <-N w-5 G-P V-U V-C 1-f w-v }-f ^-. m-1 P-} i-G h-X V-{ h-m O-D c-N }-m X-1 .-c W-f X-m h-i W-X m-G a-. x-O [-| W-h }-h
v-X 9-1 b-Y f-B 5-h :-o b-3 O-| i-S j-9 |-R I-w K-G g-6 >-\ v-} |-5 X-w >-f O-h W-} v-I S-/ W-X w-? }-I }-V ?-W C-h >-u Z-b I-V S-A R-h G-O w-W G-C v-W ?-X w-} E-g t-E R-G x-} O-5 P-J G-| k-: ?-V 1-l {-i v-? I-? K-R A-{ h-K W-V \-u 9-` R-O h-| c-A X-I c-3 C-R x-V A-3 k-o \-f C-O h-G x-v Z-/ i-3 W-I w-x C-5 B-u F-f C-K R-5 u-F
R-8 D-F g-. @-E C-O V-E z-m Q-6 g-} q-M _-C 6-P N-D q-^ g-_ v-J i-0 d-J z-d V-@ A-` 2-P Q-i 6-@ =-g Y-_ P-V s-D F-N <-D <-F @-i 2-V J-z b-K b-A :-z =-C z-v N-<
t-f /-w Q-i M-C X-~ h-f I-4 h-: h-t f-W b-i x-d /-q g-w Q-1 X-P 4-~ h-W t-: W-: f-: d-D 7-I 7-4 I-p M-Q Q-9 X-[ g-} w-j j-g
X-? >-~ >-g G-7 c-g h-g c-? {-7 c-X 9-R F-M F-R t-O g-O c-h c-O ?-h M-w G-d 9-M >-h 7-d ~-h X-g {-K 1-` F-9 O-h u-X u-O t-g u-~ >-t 1-^ O-~ 3-w 9-w O-X X-t u-g c-~ t-h R-w c-u h-u >-c o-v ~-X ~-? u-t
_-A G-7 H-] =-D q-Y 2-D c-= D-l v-l Y-y 2-v 2-/ c-2 w-l e-X 1-z c-v N-A L-> 7-6 >-H X-u 2-l A-z =-/ R-u \-j \-X ]-N w-= i-7 2-= w-c H-L ]-1 D-c /-v A-H 9-1 u-U w-v 6-G
{-J }-_ c-Q L-U e-^ a-Q g-/ o-s G-u f-G T-w :-} g-L ?-} G-w @-/ w-O n-Q ^-? :-_ T-f ^-_ ;-I N-o N-{ c-o _-e o-K ^-: n-a Q-{ :-? {-c /-U b-e =-4 4-; ^-b U-g :-b b-} L-@ Q-o ?-_ T-G b-?
v-L D-5 @-~ f-A f-\ G-D L-F X-f k-E 2-B e-S ]-v 5-S [-A G-e w-s 2-S m-X ?-l Z-5 e-Z ~-> e-D a-\ b-h G-2 \-K 5-B B-D w-. ~-I o-O B-e S-G n-o G-B I-3 G-Z @-y s-? \-m S-D Z-S w-? l-w X-A f-h e-2
q-R s-2 k-= G-_ <-8 2-Z ?-1 J-Y U-Z t-; V-I K-| C-X {-K T-z @-V ?-C 8-I .-s T-Y w-} D-7 <-I Z-{ M-C /-8 _-q X-? l-Y {-g U-s 3-] M-? q-l U-. G-z /-[ K-U L-J L-l K-. ~-3 o-? ]-= Y-G ^-/ |-s b-0 1-d d-o q-T a-7 G-R C-d g-| q-J 3-= 2-. {-2 2-| X-1 z-Y X-M T-J =-~ 2-g T-G C-1 l-J C-o g-U T-_ [-8 R-Y k-] q-L 8-^ M-d {-U Y-L J-G R-J Y-q _-J a-9 o-1 ^-V @-^ /-V g-Z /-I t-y b-D [-@ R-L Z-K g-. ~-k s-g <-V L-_ J-z M-o [-^ T-L T-l R-_ |-. k-3 l-G K-2
P-p G-. N-r 6-r 6-N p-G 6-9 N-9 9-L L-N r-L r-9 6-L Y-p f-Y G-Y
>-_ p-[ W-i P-8 U-F W-L i-E T-[ i-P E-8 [-A b-O 8-i 6-b n-D O-F 0-O >-x V-T e-u e-V P-L j-J J-T `-x F-h _-Q D-7 b-5 O-6 0-6 B-s F-6 l-F s-_ V-d _-q |-L
q-G o-< <-H l-: H-: l-G b-< l-A g-9 b-l }-7 m-: ?-7 o-b l-m 7-f
O-s l-5 _-: ^-= _-w 5-_ a-C @-v K-A l-T :-5 S-] v-s ^-< N-8 D-^ Q-^ R-8 l-C <-= P-y |-~ [-m v-8 M-c w-C q-l k-= q-: R-t ~-Q L-M y-S D-Q k-| w-: `-Z q-w k-Q D-| :-a k-~ N-X ^-| T-C T-a 5-a P-S <-k _-l q-a `-h A-[ 5-T 7-s k-D C-q y-] u-c t-v w-a [-K |-= l-w K-m y-i x-M _-q _-C i-] |-Q w-T \-E s-X Q-< M-p
i-z 4-] x-C e-i >-Y h-| >-x 5-8 U-w d-4 7-e z-e j-4 x-? Y-C h-z >-` U-R e-5 8-7
0-S ]-e R-^ n-^ Z-z ]-1 Y-? z-^ 3-] ^-] 3-n z-R e-Z R-] e-z 2-X ]-Z 6-^ 5-? 5-Y Q-S 1-Z Y-V Y-S V-5 Q-0 1-3 1-n 1-z 6-e ]-n 3-6 S-5 R-n o-f Y-Q R-1 2-b u-2 n-e Q-5 V-0 0-5 V-S ^-Z 0-Y Z-n ^-3 R-6 n-6 Q-? Q-V
G-i S-C 6-y <-a a-_ P-3 3-= C-V B-} i-_ G-T 6-_ ?-P X-; |-3 i-< C-F X-V <-T i-1 <-1 i-T 9-S C-X S-;
@-. V-^ B-j t-4 ~-3 ~-8 o-R @-H 8-3 Y-= .-i i-0 i-} @-^ Y-7 4-U p-} }-V U-B .-^ H-V .-H H-0 ^-H =-o @-0 g-~ ^-0 @-p >-Y V-p 0-p i-H p-H
H-g R-M M-. ]-V M-I 7-M D-? 7-R G-o v-R H-\ j-V ?-M D-v I-7 7-v I-v R-I =-o .-v O-H H-V h-n R-D ?-. ]-\ g-] Z-g \-n 1-= D-M G-2 ?-7 R-. D-I R-? 2-= j-] 2-o .-D
W-4 n-| Z-W 4-Z 1-4 1-Z q-W 1-W 4-q
F-> ^-u p-v 1-F y-R ~-: t-. 0-Y 8-> L-R 6-V /-P H-S r-H t-; q-` d-w P-Y l-p c-R S-z \-w v-^ S-w I-^ [-z l-? v-l c-8 /-Y u-I u-. [-\ H-[ I-v ~-q J-` H-d c-D F-L p-u X-q

Sample output:

Mjo~ 68@HISWZlm
<=hk 127BFL\qz{
5:LNP\_{ 6IO[]mopw
Vn =BMRUcdjqw
1D 0=CK_bilwz
3LS_fr 28;CM\]`m{
8Ta 02:Shlov~
9O 4AKU_ers
MU 18DHSWgrsu
s{ 89GRXZ_ef
0` /5DFH[fgj
LNchy /34GM[iqx|
5Ujm FJKP\`fiq
Ddhn 9IQZ\cjmx
/af{ 5=AQUjpqt~
16^ AEMOQTYahv
3u AO]_bx|}
25s ;<KU\]abp~
Vd ?DOX]`kw~
1>@JQ]_r| 5HTXacgjvx
8Xa .4BPQehi{
Lj /7:;D[_{|}
45@Ghy 0;ACHLf}
]b 4BDFZ
mo 2@GHVY]iv
U`k 9?AEabevwz
Lk :>CHKZfhtu
?VW 2DEijnpqw{
;=Yij 4ACJbguxz
HLNQa 569M]fz~
IZ 2:<GOaoqu
Rd /:VY]clv{~
1]v 2EFQZ^ajw}
=^ ;<EMY[drv|
QRZ 3:eikrvy
34BCEUVc 27<>JOPdin
Ul 348;?FGKXy
?L 9@ANVYbks}
=Zjo 237IKLUsv
Rz 8@HVYjnos}
<n @DUZ`dkl|}
=BF\acg 1<AEQTZ_es
>gjm~ BDU^kuv
4? =>JS[ijktz
6K .>CI\js{|
Irx /0HKLN_fuw
\c 35;AF_`ehp
@a 6?VWX^cgsw
@X 4M`klmrw
U] 1GHJZ_hw}~
2> @CGKQgikvw
ry /6ILPQfx}
;b MQWZahnqu}
Dw <AET^bfo|
Fd 2:ACKPRanx
`w .?TU_krxz
29Q\bf 06ACLSUZ
DX 1=BFLVbmp
49G 1KQUXbdghi
QX^b =Wejvw~
15:VZfh| 37;<>Sbevw
<~ 1;GO\`cdl|
Ek 1VX]_efoz
8n 13=HV\fgvx
>B` 16:;KMRYc
<DNYh} BPSbgijr{
Tlu 4;GKW]rw
en ERU[\^pty
>l 46MVZ[\iv|
Ml =N[gnpwxy}
4Kj ;IQTdeklsv
4A[fm 37MWY^nu|}
3P 1>?CEUWciv
au AFYdefpx{
Fh :<AD`fgj{}
/3L :>^by
3rw 9=?BGMefhu
7:^ 9?agjt
6G <=HQco
HLen 47;RWYpy
1c 9@GY^_iq
\i AKY`}
8M 135:OP^ho}
KQ 8AJNTiwz}~
MZcs 19?DKQehn{
XZar /3HQW]gjnx
Q[ 7=>BPYlv{
OW| 2:Jdpst
Ay 07NPZalno{
SZ .568=_bjl~
Ix 46FLMjmnu
Ws /;BJQ\dkl~
/1:L 8=NZp|
8=UX\| 125FOfrw
=HQ 2>BDELZjr~
]c KMPQRZ[_bs
Ou{ 7AFMNW\_is
3Ig 9<JTbehjl}
IMQ 39JNXvyz|~
IUbj 9BPXacdn|
U_n{ 17ABCMZ[
gp 9JOUs
0;F 28>OQ\`fln
8Yhw 3:TWfgr
5y 68;=FGJX`}
ckp :=?@HJnov{
=ci 3<IKP
Ijoy 69BFHSY\br
/Z ;BEHNO]pv}
Qc~ 49>@LNYeht
`io .049<DKV\_
1HVgz /5?@QTlpq~
5i .39DFWXlo|
_t 0249INPX[s
Aj| 6>npt
AQd .1HXZf
=x 12IOU\aoqr
5;Kt :=>COR[]cz
=p 1235GSimrv
Vh 6ERXY]bsuz
Xh 8INOVY\_kz
qt =>@GKhikv|
.4<Xf{ 9=@GV^g
Jam ?CMPVW`eo{
JQR /568=Y
Uy :AEZ[ilnov
Li ABT_bgo
[| 1GPWXfhim}
JP /3ASYZbci{
8R 026@EPQVi
Ddx 47IPX[p~
ov >?OXcghtu~
Yqy 19>AHLN]_z
4;=I JKNQacnos{
Ek AKX[\abfhm
w} GJLRTY_lqz
69LNr .GPYfp
7Dn AJTV[dejpu
9g :<AGHblmoq
E\ 78@NORXstv
RUw 578ehiz|
fo 136RZ]^enz
B} 16<GT_aiy
38g~ .0@HV^ip}
12=Go HOVZ\]ghjn
n| 14WZq
6V .;?I^lptuv


Ruby _

1rotary-o1120.22302021/01/11 17:48:450B / 49B / 56B
2mitchs (rotary-o)1020.13102021/02/05 22:27:360B / 46B / 51B

Ruby2 _

1rotary-o1160.31172021/01/10 21:01:110B / 59B / 52B
2mitchs (rotary-o)1090.20842021/02/06 13:16:110B / 50B / 57B

Perl _

1tails1030.86942021/01/11 00:16:070B / 44B / 59B

Python _

1hallvabo1490.29182021/01/28 21:21:240B / 77B / 59B
2Dingledooper1520.22702021/01/29 17:46:130B / 86B / 47B
3mitchs1580.10882021/01/27 14:43:510B / 81B / 57B
4xnor1652.35102021/01/10 19:43:560B / 99B / 57B
5lynn1690.05492021/01/09 09:56:260B / 91B / 53B

Python3 _

1hallvabo1470.28192021/01/31 01:45:160B / 70B / 63B
2Dingledooper1490.25832021/01/29 18:02:110B / 84B / 43B
3ikr72990.09912021/01/11 16:56:300B / 153B / 102B

C _

1tails2520.01722021/01/14 18:17:280B / 117B / 135B

sed _

1tails2462.32602021/01/14 16:59:550B / 82B / 142B
2mitchs (tails)2332.59912021/02/06 19:35:398B / 77B / 125B

R _

1ludo2160.68212021/02/05 21:53:150B / 137B / 73B
2olf2231.24422021/02/03 21:37:560B / 140B / 73B

Scala _

1rotary-o1602.97702021/01/12 00:29:180B / 96B / 50B

Language Ranking_

1Rubymitchs (rotary-o)10210000
3Ruby2mitchs (rotary-o)1099357
8sedmitchs (tails)2334377

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