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Print the 1st word from the 1st line, the 2nd word from the 2nd line, etc., separated by spaces.
If the nth line has fewer than n words, take the (n modulus the number of words)-th word.
Ignore empty lines.


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Sample input:_

This is a golf server.
You can enjoy short coding here in several languages (111 languages).
The purpose of this server is not serious competition.
Joke problems are welcomed and you can speak freely about problems and can release spoilers.
For serious competition with ranking, enter Code Golf.

Sample output:

This can of welcomed ranking, 

Sample input:_

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.
Be not her maid, since she is envious.
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.
It is my lady; O, it is my love!
O that she knew she were!
She speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that?
Her eye discourses; I will answer it.
I am too bold; 'tis not to me she speaks.
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
Having some business, do entreat her eyes
To twinkle in their spheres till they return.
What if her eyes were there, they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night.
See how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!

Sample output:

But is sun, sick art she and Cast love! knew speaks, will too stars Having return. they stars As airy That leans a cheek! 

Sample input:_

In the midway of this our mortal life,
I found me in a gloomy wood, astray
Gone from the path direct: and e'en to tell
It were no easy task, how savage wild
That forest, how robust and rough its growth,
Which to remember only, my dismay
Renews, in bitterness not far from death.
Yet to discourse of what there good befell,
All else will I relate discover'd there.
How first I enter'd it I scarce can say,
Such sleepy dullness in that instant weigh'd
My senses down, when the true path I left,
But when a mountain's foot I reach'd, where clos'd
The valley, that had pierc'd my heart with dread,
I look'd aloft, and saw his shoulders broad
Already vested with that planet's beam,
Who leads all wanderers safe through every way.

Then was a little respite to the fear,
That in my heart's recesses deep had lain,
All of that night, so pitifully pass'd:
And as a man, with difficult short breath,
Forespent with toiling, 'scap'd from sea to shore,
Turns to the perilous wide waste, and stands
At gaze; e'en so my spirit, that yet fail'd
Struggling with terror, turn'd to view the straits,
That none hath pass'd and liv'd.  My weary frame
After short pause recomforted, again
I journey'd on over that lonely steep,

The hinder foot still firmer.  Scarce the ascent
Began, when, lo! a panther, nimble, light,
And cover'd with a speckled skin, appear'd,
Nor, when it saw me, vanish'd, rather strove
To check my onward going; that ofttimes
With purpose to retrace my steps I turn'd.

The hour was morning's prime, and on his way
Aloft the sun ascended with those stars,
That with him rose, when Love divine first mov'd
Those its fair works: so that with joyous hope
All things conspir'd to fill me, the gay skin
Of that swift animal, the matin dawn
And the sweet season.  Soon that joy was chas'd,
And by new dread succeeded, when in view
A lion came, 'gainst me, as it appear'd,

With his head held aloft and hunger-mad,
That e'en the air was fear-struck.  A she-wolf
Was at his heels, who in her leanness seem'd
Full of all wants, and many a land hath made
Disconsolate ere now.  She with such fear
O'erwhelmed me, at the sight of her appall'd,
That of the height all hope I lost.  As one,
Who with his gain elated, sees the time
When all unwares is gone, he inwardly
Mourns with heart-griping anguish; such was I,
Haunted by that fell beast, never at peace,
Who coming o'er against me, by degrees
Impell'd me where the sun in silence rests.

While to the lower space with backward step
I fell, my ken discern'd the form one of one,
Whose voice seem'd faint through long disuse of speech.
When him in that great desert I espied,
"Have mercy on me!" cried I out aloud,
"Spirit! or living man! what e'er thou be!"

He answer'd: "Now not man, man once I was,
And born of Lombard parents, Mantuana both
By country, when the power of Julius yet
Was scarcely firm.  At Rome my life was past
Beneath the mild Augustus, in the time
Of fabled deities and false.  A bard
Was I, and made Anchises' upright son
The subject of my song, who came from Troy,
When the flames prey'd on Ilium's haughty towers.
But thou, say wherefore to such perils past
Return'st thou?  wherefore not this pleasant mount
Ascendest, cause and source of all delight?"
"And art thou then that Virgil, that well-spring,
From which such copious floods of eloquence
Have issued?"  I with front abash'd replied.
"Glory and light of all the tuneful train!
May it avail me that I long with zeal
Have sought thy volume, and with love immense
Have conn'd it o'er.  My master thou and guide!
Thou he from whom alone I have deriv'd
That style, which for its beauty into fame
Exalts me.  See the beast, from whom I fled.
O save me from her, thou illustrious sage!"

"For every vein and pulse throughout my frame
She hath made tremble."  He, soon as he saw
That I was weeping, answer'd, "Thou must needs
Another way pursue, if thou wouldst 'scape
From out that savage wilderness.  This beast,
At whom thou criest, her way will suffer none
To pass, and no less hindrance makes than death:
So bad and so accursed in her kind,
That never sated is her ravenous will,
Still after food more craving than before.
To many an animal in wedlock vile
She fastens, and shall yet to many more,
Until that greyhound come, who shall destroy
Her with sharp pain.  He will not life support
By earth nor its base metals, but by love,
Wisdom, and virtue, and his land shall be
The land 'twixt either Feltro.  In his might
Shall safety to Italia's plains arise,
For whose fair realm, Camilla, virgin pure,
Nisus, Euryalus, and Turnus fell.
He with incessant chase through every town
Shall worry, until he to hell at length
Restore her, thence by envy first let loose.
I for thy profit pond'ring now devise,
That thou mayst follow me, and I thy guide
Will lead thee hence through an eternal space,
Where thou shalt hear despairing shrieks, and see
Spirits of old tormented, who invoke
A second death; and those next view, who dwell
Content in fire, for that they hope to come,
Whene'er the time may be, among the blest,
Into whose regions if thou then desire
T' ascend, a spirit worthier than I
Must lead thee, in whose charge, when I depart,
Thou shalt be left: for that Almighty King,
Who reigns above, a rebel to his law,
Adjudges me, and therefore hath decreed,
That to his city none through me should come.
He in all parts hath sway; there rules, there holds
His citadel and throne.  O happy those,
Whom there he chooses!"  I to him in few:
"Bard! by that God, whom thou didst not adore,
I do beseech thee (that this ill and worse
I may escape) to lead me, where thou saidst,
That I Saint Peter's gate may view, and those
Who as thou tell'st, are in such dismal plight."

Onward he mov'd, I close his steps pursu'd.

Sample output:

In found the easy and dismay death. befell, else How in down, mountain's pierc'd shoulders that Who was my pitifully with sea and spirit, Struggling weary short steep, firmer. when, with strove going; purpose his Aloft That its conspir'd the Soon by came, his was Was a such O'erwhelmed one, his unwares anguish; never by rests. While one through that cried e'er was, And By firm. Augustus, false. upright came haughty past wherefore source thou of replied. the long immense guide! he which See her, throughout soon needs thou This At pass, accursed sated more in She destroy support By his In Shall virgin fell. He until by profit thou eternal see who next hope may thou than lead King, Who me, through parts happy few: "Bard! do escape) Peter's are I 


Ruby _

1Histocrat380.03402019/12/14 06:51:380B / 11B / 24B
2rotary-o380.03512019/12/15 00:34:430B / 11B / 24B
3mitchs380.03702019/12/15 05:28:320B / 11B / 24B
4clock410.02532019/12/14 00:20:480B / 11B / 27B
5znz610.03412019/12/12 20:14:420B / 26B / 34B

Ruby2 _

1Histocrat400.14612019/12/14 07:02:250B / 11B / 26B
2rotary-o400.20672019/12/15 00:34:290B / 11B / 26B
3mitchs400.15922019/12/15 05:28:580B / 11B / 26B
4clock410.24022019/12/14 00:21:270B / 11B / 27B
5letranger460.14542019/12/12 18:53:140B / 13B / 30B

Perl _

1tails330.06272019/12/12 12:08:120B / 9B / 22B
2mitchs330.03302019/12/12 13:18:570B / 9B / 22B
3llhuii330.03762019/12/14 00:20:290B / 9B / 22B
4test1330.03292019/12/14 03:39:130B / ?B / ?B

Python _

1mitchs610.07842019/12/12 07:23:250B / 36B / 17B
2clock610.07362019/12/12 21:36:210B / 36B / 17B
3Hendrik610.07682019/12/13 03:41:250B / 36B / 17B
4llhuii610.19592019/12/14 18:02:420B / 36B / 17B
5hallvabo610.07272019/12/17 19:18:290B / 36B / 18B
6_610.07652019/12/19 14:03:160B / 36B / 17B
7xnor620.07872019/12/19 14:01:050B / 36B / 19B

Python3 _

1mitchs610.12692019/12/12 22:01:400B / 33B / 25B
2clock610.12312019/12/12 22:10:050B / 30B / 26B
3llhuii610.19442019/12/14 18:05:310B / 33B / 25B
4mypetlion640.12182019/12/14 08:07:500B / 33B / 27B

JavaScript _

10mg660.04462019/12/17 21:26:310B / 36B / 28B
2ZED.CWT670.04942019/12/17 12:20:220B / 36B / 29B

Lua _

1clock1020.03582019/12/16 23:53:450B / 47B / 48B

Jelly _

1Erik the Outgolfer110.78952021/05/20 09:34:1711B / 0B / 0B

C _

1llhuii800.03202019/12/18 19:31:290B / 36B / 43B
2chocobi990.03162019/12/18 19:54:190B / 48B / 49B
3tails1080.04152019/12/17 09:28:550B / 56B / 51B

Haskell _

1henkma740.04362019/12/17 21:47:380B / 48B / 26B


1eban230.03142019/12/12 15:49:400B / 14B / 9B
2mitchs230.03312019/12/12 21:33:170B / 14B / 9B
3clock230.03132019/12/12 23:16:560B / 13B / 10B
4McBusLuck230.03132019/12/13 21:31:230B / 14B / 9B
5llhuii230.03152019/12/14 00:20:360B / 14B / 9B
6Fleur240.04172021/11/09 16:13:430B / 11B / 13B

sed _

1clock540.12242019/12/12 23:11:200B / 14B / 31B
2mitchs540.12282019/12/13 01:04:240B / 14B / 31B
3tails550.11352019/12/13 09:37:590B / 14B / 32B
40mg580.10732019/12/13 20:42:260B / 14B / 33B

jq _

1clock650.04942019/12/15 00:01:340B / 14B / 46B
2eban800.03662019/12/15 00:20:080B / 34B / 42B
3eban610.04522019/12/18 20:34:590B / 19B / 39B

Bash _

1eban570.06922019/12/17 13:45:340B / 17B / 35B
2McBusLuck290.00532019/12/19 02:36:140B / 17B / 11B

Bash (builtins) _

1llhuii430.21722019/12/15 23:34:090B / 16B / 22B
2tails430.19132019/12/16 18:18:390B / 16B / 21B
3McBusLuck510.18892019/12/13 22:22:280B / 17B / 28B
4McBusLuck480.47862020/11/14 20:55:350B / 18B / 26B

Zsh _

1McBusLuck290.03202019/12/20 01:05:100B / 16B / 12B

Fish _

1McBusLuck290.05232019/12/20 01:05:250B / 16B / 12B

wake _

1clock690.05822019/12/16 23:39:350B / 10B / 52B

xgawk _

1mitchs230.05052019/12/12 21:41:080B / 14B / 9B
2McBusLuck230.05822019/12/13 21:35:350B / 14B / 9B
3llhuii230.03442019/12/14 00:20:400B / 14B / 9B

Brainfuck _

1mitchs1550.06452019/12/18 16:27:040B / 0B / 155B

GolfScript _

1mitchs200.08912019/12/12 00:06:550B / 4B / 14B
2clock200.09332019/12/12 00:15:300B / 3B / 15B
3tails200.08942019/12/12 10:35:560B / 4B / 14B
4Erik the Outgolfer200.10722020/11/14 04:59:270B / 3B / 15B

gs2 _

1mitchs100.21632019/12/12 07:30:014B / 3B / 2B
2tails100.18832019/12/12 09:38:213B / 3B / 3B
3whio100.19132019/12/16 11:46:243B / 4B / 2B

Burlesque _

1clock220.04332019/12/13 07:50:130B / 14B / 8B
2Hendrik220.04282019/12/15 22:07:590B / 14B / 8B

Scala _

1rotary-o777.84132019/12/16 22:41:050B / 41B / 30B
2clock816.46062019/12/16 07:04:580B / 47B / 28B
3Hendrik835.66982019/12/16 05:40:290B / 42B / 34B

Language Ranking_

2JellyErik the Outgolfer119090
13Bash (builtins)llhuii432325

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