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Decimate the text.


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now post-mortem time, all source codes will be revealed

Sample input:_

To 'decimate'... I used to think it meant just to wipe out,
cause horrible damage, destroy... it actually means to kill
by a percentage of ten, one out of every ten must die...
and that's exactly what they did to us.

Sample output:

To 'decimte'... I sed to thnk it meat just towipe out,
ause horrble damag, destroy.. it actally mean to kill
b a percenage of te, one outof every en must de...
and tat's exacly what tey did tous.

Sample input:_

The earliest documented decimation occurred in 471 BC
during the Roman Republic's early wars against the Volsci
and is recorded by Livy. The practice was revived by
Crassus in 71 BC during the Third Servile War against
Spartacus, and some historical sources attribute part of
Crassus' success to it. Julius Caesar is often reported as
having used the practice on the 9th Legion during the war
against Pompey, but this has been disproved.

Polybius gives one of the first descriptions of the practice
in the early 3rd century BC:

If ever these same things happen to occur among a large
group of men... the officers reject the idea of bludgeoning
or slaughtering all the men involved [as is the case with a
small group or an individual]. Instead they find a solution
for the situation which chooses by a lottery system
sometimes five, sometimes eight, sometimes twenty of these
men, always calculating the number in this group with
reference to the whole unit of offenders so that this group
forms one-tenth of all those guilty of cowardice. And these
men who are chosen by lot are bludgeoned mercilessly in the
manner described above.

Plutarch describes the process in his life of Antony. After
a defeat in Media:

Antony was furious and employed the punishment known as
'decimation' on those who had lost their nerve. What he did
was divide the whole lot of them into groups of ten, and
then he killed one from each group, who was chosen by lot;
the rest, on his orders were given barley rations instead of

Decimation was still being practiced during the time of the
Roman Empire, although it was very uncommon. Suetonius
records that it was used for the last time by Emperor
Augustus in 17 BC while Tacitus records that Lucius Apronius
used decimation to punish a full cohort of the III Augusta
after their defeat by Tacfarinas in AD 20. G.R. Watson notes
that "its appeal was to those obsessed with nimio amore
antiqui moris" -- that is, an excessive love for ancient
customs -- and notes, "Decimation itself, however, was
ultimately doomed, for though the army might be prepared to
assist in the execution of innocent slaves, professional
soldiers could hardly be expected to cooperate in the
indiscriminate execution of their own comrades."

A legend suggests that the Theban Legion was decimated in
the third century AD. The Legion had refused, to a man, to
accede to an order of the Emperor, and the process was
repeated until none were left. They became known as the
Martyrs of Agaunum.

Byzantine Emperor Maurice forbade in his Strategikon the
decimatio and other brutal punishments. According to him,
punishments where the rank and file see their comrades dying
by the hands of their own brothers-in-arms could lead to
collapse of morale. Moreover, it could seriously deplete the
manpower of the fighting unit.

Sample output:

The earlist documeted decimtion occured in 47 BC
duringthe RomanRepublic' early was againstthe Volsc
and is reorded by ivy. The ractice ws revivedby
Crassusin 71 BC uring theThird Serile War aainst
Sparacus, andsome histrical souces attriute part f
Crassus'success t it. Julis Caesar s often rported as
aving use the pracice on th 9th Legin during he war
aganst Pompe, but thi has beendisproved

Polybius ives one f the firt descripions of te practic
in the ealy 3rd cetury BC:

I ever thee same thngs happe to occuramong a lrge
group f men... he offices reject he idea o bludgeonng
or slauhtering al the meninvolved as is thecase witha
small grup or an ndividual. Insteadthey finda solutio
for the stuation wich chooss by a lotery systm
sometime five, soetimes eiht, sometmes twent of these
en, alway calculatng the nuber in ths group wth
referene to the hole unitof offendrs so tha this grop
forms on-tenth ofall thoseguilty ofcowardice And thes
men who ae chosen y lot arebludgeone mercilesly in the
anner desribed aboe.

Plutarc describe the procss in hislife of Atony. Aftr
a defeatin Media:

ntony wasfurious ad employe the punihment knon as
'deciation' onthose whohad lost heir nerv. What hedid
was diide the wole lot o them int groups o ten, and
hen he kiled one fom each goup, who as chosenby lot;
th rest, onhis order were givn barley ations intead of

Decimaion was sill beingpracticedduring th time of he
Roman Epire, altough it ws very unommon. Sutonius
recrds that t was use for the ast time y Emperor
ugustus i 17 BC whle Tacitu records hat Luciu Apronius
sed decimtion to pnish a ful cohort f the IIIAugusta
afer their efeat by acfarinasin AD 20.G.R. Watsn notes
tht "its apeal was t those obessed wit nimio amre
antiquimoris" --that is, n excessie love fo ancient
cstoms -- nd notes,"Decimatin itself,however, as
ultimatly doomed for thouh the arm might beprepared o
assist i the exection of inocent slves, profssional
sodiers coud hardly e expecte to coopeate in th
indiscrimnate exection of teir own cmrades."

Alegend sugests tha the Thebn Legion as decimaed in
the hird centry AD. Th Legion hd refused to a man to
accedeto an ordr of the mperor, ad the proess was
reeated untl none wee left. Tey becameknown as he
Martyrsof Agaunu.

Byzantin Emperor aurice fobade in hs Strategkon the
deimatio an other brtal punisments. Acording tohim,
punisments whee the ran and filesee theircomrades ying
by th hands oftheir ownbrothers-n-arms cold lead t
collapse f morale.Moreover,it could eriously eplete th
manpower f the figting unit


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